Improved Data Sharing between JustGiving and eTapestry for donations made through Guest Checkout


On November 8, 2020, an update to the integration between eTapestry and JustGiving is about to get an improvement!

As it currently stands, when a donor chooses to give via Guest Checkout, the donation comes over to eTapestry and sits on 1 account called Guest Checkout. This was very frustrating to our users (as majority of gifts are via guest) and the only workaround was to remove the gifts and import the guest data from JustGiving manually (defeating the purpose of an integration).

However, come November 8, 2020, Guest Name and Address information from JustGiving now imports and creates individual accounts in eTapestry (or updates and existing one if one is found during Online Duplicate Checking).  Name, Email, Address, and Consent are supported fields.
  • If the guest doesn't enter their last name, eTapestry uses the email address to import and create the account.
  • Consent will be mapped to Solicitation.
  • Addresses will use the default setting or come in as personal if no default setting has been established.
  • Data visibility will be dependent on local data privacy laws, with guest donors without consent still being created as anonymous due to GDPR.
PLEASE NOTE: This update does not apply to gifts marked as Anonymous. These will continue to come over to eTap and sit on the Anonymous account.

For more information about these updates to the integration between eTapestry and JustGiving, please refer to this eTapestry Help Document for JustGiving Integration.
Blog eTapestry Announcements 11/05/2020 5:08pm EST

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You say that "guest donors without consent still being created as anonymous due to GDPR "  They are not anonymous because of GDPR, they are anonymous because JustGiving has chosen not to disclose the data.  Consent to send electronic marketing is a separate thing from telling the charities who the donors are.  Other platforms DO tell charities who their donors are.

Additionally, the requirement to have consent for electronic direct marketing is a result of PECR, not GDPR.

It would be perfectly possible to tell write the privacy notice to allow charities to know who their donors are (for example to tie together giving made on the JG platform with existing giving) even if they don't give consent for electronic direct marketing.

But Blackbaud / JustGiving has chosen to write its (somewhat confusing) privacy notice in such a way that this information is not divulged to charities.  Please don't hide a commercial decision to not divulge this data to charities behind GDPR or any other privacy regulation.