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List-Unsubscribe Header For Email Deliverability

Today we released a new Luminate feature to help you get emails into inboxes. The email "list-unsubscribe" feature for Luminate has been shown to reduce spam complaints, boost sender reputations and improve inbox placement for our customers. You don't need to do anything, it'll automatically be added to emails by inbox providers like Gmail that support it. We're releasing it now in advance of Giving Tuesday and end of year fundraising to help gain the benefits of this tool to help with your peak email sending season.
What Is List-Unsubscribe?
  • A simple “Unsubscribe” link in the header of an email that allows recipients to opt out rather than hit the “spam” button if they don’t want to get an organization’s emails.
  • An industry standard feature favored by inbox providers Gmail, Outlook, and IOs
  • A way to improve your sender reputation (due to fewer spam complaints) and suppress disengaged contacts from your list
  • An outcome of our “deliverability” initiative this year, the list-unsubscribe feature helps organizations with their sender reputation by reducing spam complaints
  • Not a replacement for standard unsubscribe functionality. We recommend reviewing visibility of your standard email unsubscribe link to make sure they’re clear and conspicuous, making it easier for individual to indicate their message preferences.

Benefits of List-Unsubscribe
Our early adopter testing confirmed the upside in terms of reducing spam complaints and bolstering sender reputations
  • Inbox placement rate immediately went up for 70% of EAP clients
  • Spam complaints were reduced by 20 to 50% for 75% of EAP clients (with 100% of clients seeing fewer spam complaints on Microsoft)
  • Only .04% of recipients used list-unsubscribe header to opt out
Feature Notes
  • This feature allows people to unsubscribe from bulk email campaigns from an organization. They will continue to receive transaction confirmations such as receipts for donations and registrations and Team Captain messages from the Participant Center in TeamRaiser. 
  • The list-unsubscribe header only appears on email campaign messages. It will not appear on transactional emails such as autoresponders (Thank you for donating or registering). It isn’t added to email constituents create such as TellAFriend, eCards, or Participant Center messages
  • Since the list-unsubscribe header information will be added to the email header at the system level, there’s nothing you need to configure. It'll automatically to the top of an opened email by inbox services like Gmail that support list-unsubscribe. 
For people to "re-opt-in" at any point after they do a universal unsubscribe, they need to be logged in to Luminate. Be sure to check out the blog post "Opting Back In Previously Opted Out Constituents". 
Posted by Kathryn Hall on Nov 13, 2017 11:00 AM America/New_York

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So does this honor an interest group? They aren't unsubscribed from all e-mail, just the campaign the e-mail is coming from correct?

I feel like looking at the screencap above, that this is a universal opt-out....
  • Posted Mon 20 Nov 2017 01:32 PM EST
Philip - It is a universal opt-out, per the industry requirements for list-unsubscribe.
  • Posted Mon 20 Nov 2017 03:24 PM EST