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Want To Save Time? There's An S-Tag For That!

Many of us find there’s never enough time in a day to get done everything that needs doing. We try to think of ways to be better organized, more creative, or better informed. We sometimes wonder, is there a quicker, easier way? Well, when it comes to your workday—and if you’ve got Luminate Online—there’s an S-Tag for that!

You can use S-Tags (session component tags) to pull in specific constituent information such as first name, last name, and address. S-Tags can also render more complex information like group memberships and donation history, personalize content specific to a constituent’s characteristics, and much more.

Here are some S-Tags that will help you strategize where to focus your time and get the most from your Luminate platform tools:
  • S98: Returns days, months, or years between today and a given date in the future
    • This is useful if you need to know how many days are left to donate to your campaign efforts
  • S188: Displays same dynamic ask functionality as donation giving levels
    • Pre-populate email donation links with amount based on previous giving history
  • S50: Returns browser identification information or referring URL to the current page
    • Show some conditionalized content to those people coming from other websites
  • S58: Renders the text version of an email message
    • Create an archive page of newsletters
  • S356 and S364: Adds a YouTube video or an entire video display widget
    • Conditionalize which video you want to show a user
    • Show visitors a selection of video from your YouTube channel
Now that you know some of the possibilities for using S-Tags within Luminate Online, register today for the new course Luminate Online: S-Tags and Page Wrappersand start making the most of your workday!
Posted by Amy McIntyre on Feb 13, 2018 8:37 AM America/New_York