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On-the-Go Event Management


It’s the day of your organization’s fundraising walk. You’re onsite by 4:30 a.m. and will spend the next hour transporting, setting up, and testing the computers and equipment that will be used for participant registration and payments. Sound familiar? Well, your day-of event management is about to change just in time for 2019 planning.

Blackbaud TeamRaiser® registration, re-registration, and personal pages integrate with Blackbaud MobilePay™, allowing you to complete these online forms and take one-time, recurring, or delayed self-pledge payments on a mobile phone or tablet—anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can also use Blackbaud MobilePay with Blackbaud Luminate Online® forms for canvassing.

This functionality—in limited release now and generally available in early 2019—will:

  • Save you time on payment processing 
  • Allow you to collect recurring payments for the first time ever with Blackbaud MobilePay
  • Simplify reconciliation by capturing Blackbaud MobilePay transaction data directly in Blackbaud Luminate Online  

How It Works

  1. Configure one of your Blackbaud Merchant Services gateways to accept Blackbaud MobilePay donations in Luminate Online.
  2. Build your TeamRaiser or Luminate Online form.

Tip: Create a separate donation form for Blackbaud MobilePay transactions and do not require billing fields for these card-present transactions.
  1. Once you have built your form, add &s_mobilePayEnabled=TRUE to the Blackbaud TeamRaiser event URL or Blackbaud Luminate Online donation form URL. For example: 

Tip: Instead of typing this each time you need to access the form, create a URL shortcut with the Blackbaud MobilePay suffix included. Then provide this shortcut to your volunteers.

  1. Download the free Blackbaud MobilePay app (Version 3.8 or higher) on your organization’s mobile devices or if volunteers will be using their own mobile phones and tablets, instruct them to download the app. 
Tip: Ask volunteers to bring their Lightning® adapter to connect to the Blackbaud MobilePay card reader if they have an iPhone® that does not have an audio jack.
  1. If you need to order additional Blackbaud MobilePay readers, complete the reader request form on our website.

Day-of-Event Payments
  • Insert the Blackbaud MobilePay card reader into your mobile phone or tablet. As a reminder, you will need a Lightning adapter if you’re using a device that does not have an audio jack (iPhone 7 and higher).
  • Open your Internet browser and enter the event URL. 
  • Complete the online form and under payment method, select Blackbaud MobilePay. If you have an Apple phone or tablet, click Open MobilePaywhen prompted.
  • When the Swipe or Enter Card screen appears, swipe the constituent’s credit card using the Blackbaud MobilePay card reader and tap Continue.
  • When the Signature screen appears, collect the constituent’s signature and select Pay Now. Once the transaction is complete, you’ll be redirected to a thank you page.
Tip: Refunds should be issued from within Blackbaud Luminate Online.


To learn more, visit the Help resources for:

And, if you’re not familiar with Blackbaud MobilePay, attend one of our upcoming webinars.
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