Hustle And Blackbaud Luminate Online Team Up To Help You Engage Supporters 5472

Hustle And Blackbaud Luminate Online Team Up To Help You Engage Supporters

We’re excited to announce that Hustle now integrates with Blackbaud Luminate Online!

What Is Hustle?
Hustle helps you have valuable conversations with supporters via the channel people engage with the most — text messaging. Hustle enables one-to-one text messaging and encourages text conversations with supporters.

Unlike text-to-give messaging services that focus on “push” communications and have limited effectiveness, Hustle lets you create one-to-one interactions via text. People who respond can engage with a real person at your organization and have a personable conversation via text message. With the proper setup and strategy, one-to-one text message can yield substantial long-term results for your fundraising efforts.

How Can I Use Hustle?
With text messaging via Hustle, you can easily build a deeper connection between your organization and supporters. The integration with Luminate Online allows you to customize your text communications based on supporter giving levels and demographic data. For example, you might use Hustle to:
  • Recruit for a fundraising event. Reach supporters who have donated in the past 6 months and live within 50 miles of your headquarters to invite them to a local fundraising event. Use Luminate Online to identify this target group of constituents, then sync the list to Hustle to send a personalized text message.
  • Reactivate lapsed donors. When it comes to donors who are still receiving your marketing communications but haven’t donated in a year or more, they might just need a personal connection to get them to participate or donate again. Message lapsed donors in segments to test messages and understand why they’ve dropped off.
  • Amplify existing channels. Text messaging can make people more receptive to other communication channels. Text to schedule a call and donors are more likely to pick up. Alert donors about an incoming email and they’re more likely to open it. Remind donors that a special piece of mail is on the way and they’re more likely to respond to it. Use Luminate to identify the specific group of individuals you want to target, export the group to Hustle and connect with them by text message.

The power of Hustle lies in the fact that you can have real, human to human conversations that help you build loyalty between your supporters and your organization. Check out Hustle’s Ultimate Guide to Using SMS for Fundraising for more ideas!

How do Hustle and Luminate Online work together?
Use Luminate Online to segment constituents into groups, then use Hustle to target a specific group via text message. The new integration allows you to sync constituent groups from Luminate Online to Hustle for more targeted campaigns.

Used together with Luminate Online, Hustle  gives you powerful ways to use text messaging to move supporters to higher levels of commitment and help your team better target their audience.
Get a complete view of all marketing touchpoints
An impactful fundraising strategy includes a variety of touchpoints including email, direct mail, phone calls, events, and most importantly text message for a personalized touch.

All of these touchpoints are known as interactions in Luminate Online. Once your Luminate Online instance is connected to Hustle, you can sync Hustle messages back to Luminate Online as interactions. This allows your team to have the full context of a constituent's text conversation history plus the timeline of other marketing touchpoints. A complete view into the marketing lifecycle helps your team see which touchpoints are most effective, and allows them to continuously iterate on their marketing efforts.
Enrich your contact database for more targeted campaigns
What better way to learn what programs your supporters are most interested in, what motivates them to donate, and when and how they like to be contacted than to have a personal conversation with them? All of this valuable data you can gather through text message helps you enrich data  in Luminate Online.

The integration also records opt-outs in Hustle and sends them to Luminate Online to be stored on the contact’s profile, so you have an accurate view of who you shouldn’t be contacting via text.
How do I get started?

Curious how to add text message to your fundraising strategy? Check out Hustle’s Ultimate Guide to Using SMS for Fundraising.

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Stacie Dennis‍ me too! After seeing Hustle in action several times, I'm starting to recognize when peer-to-peer texting is being used as I get political messages and non-profit action alerts. For organizations I follow, I can see how they're coordinating the text campaigns with email and direct mail packages. Fascinating (and engaging) stuff! 
I'm really excited to see how this match up will affect future giving. It is such an interesting concept and I so hope we see an increase in engagement across the board!