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Sandy Beaches & Your Social Media Strategy

My boss assigned me with a huge goal this year, which at first, I felt like it would have been easier if she had asked me to count the grains of sand in a sand castle.  

Ever feel like that with your job? Especially when it’s something as all-encompassing as your social media presence and keeping it fresh and new?

Social media is a powerful marketing and communication tool, but with that power comes varied responsibilities. Gone are the days of posting photos of your event on your Twitter feed and considering that to be your “social media marketing strategy.”

The content you create and how regularly you post are important factors – and should be part of your overall marketing and communication strategy. And when you consider that there are an ever-growing number of platforms, and each have their own idiosyncrasies and algorithms, it becomes as daunting a task as counting grains of sand in a sand castle, right?

We get it.

Our OBP: Marketing—Social Media workshop can help you strategize and sort through it all – no matter what your current social media presence is. Learn about demographics, how they work with each platform, and how to set long-term goals for content and frequency.

Let Blackbaud University get you off on the right foot with your social media strategy, and leave the sand for the sandcastles!

Posted by Amy PosavacOsborne on Mar 19, 2019 10:29 AM America/New_York

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