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Benchmark Your TeamRaiser Events and Start Planning for 2020

I know! It's still August and some of you are just now getting into the final stretch of your fall peer-to-peer events, but for those of you with spring events the time to think about your 2020 event season is now. Your Customer Success team has three ways to get you started in your planning along with some Success Sessions where we will guide you on how to benchmark your data and begin to plan your 2020 event strategy.

1) Review the 2019 Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study which provides a high-level view of how peer-to-peer fundraising is evolving and how the industry is changing with it. It will also give you some reference data to determine the effectiveness of your events and peer-to-peer programs.

2) Attend our Success Session "How Does Your Peer-to-Peer Event Stack Up?" to hear some highlights from the fundraising study along with how you can compare your data to the trends. We will also review a nifty new Benchmark Yourself Tool which can provide you with important insights and opportunities for your next fundraising event.  We have two more sessions coming up this week on Tuesday, August 27 and Thursday, August 29 or you can watch last week's session OnDemand here.

3) Join the discussion with your Customer Success team next month for an opportunity to learn and connect with your peers during an interactive online roundtable. We want to hear what you found after reviewing your data, but also what questions you may have about next steps.

We will start the session with some fundamentals to keep top of mind. From there, we'll open the discussion providing you a space to share questions as well as discuss how to approach your 2020 event strategy. In order to give you the opportunity to connect with your peers, we have several sessions available the last two weeks of September based on your organization's vertical: Nonprofit, Healthcare, Higher Education, and Faith Based. Choose the roundtable session you feel best fits your organization.

This session is a great way to connect with other organizations and discuss strategic challenges in an effort to grow your peer-to-peer fundraising next year.

You can register for all sessions on the TeamRaiser Road to Success page here. We look forward to seeing you there!

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