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After the Session: Blackbaud Grantmaking : The New Sky View

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We've made it, we are at release day! I hope everyone is eager to see the new Sky View with it's configurable workflows which give everyone in your organization the ability to work smarter and not harder. Earlier this month we did a session entitled "Blackbaud Grantmaking : The New Sky View" which was focused on getting familiar with the system and your first steps to take in the product. Customer Success will continue to offer these adoption sessions through out 2020 and 2021 to assist your organization adopt the new Sky View. My favorite part of these sessions are getting to hear from you guys and seeing how you use the system. We had so many great questions asked that it's hard to just share a few. Below you will see some of the most asked questions and I hope to see you at the next Success Session!

Now on to the questions:

Q: One thing that happens often is the need to reset our reviewer passwords - that something we will be able to do without contacting support to unlock their account?
A: Reviewer portal updates are not part of the current release happening November 20th

Q: Will the old Blackbaud Grantmaking be active once Sky View is launched?
A: That's correct! The "classic view" and the new SKY view are located at separate URLs. Classic view will be available until October 1st, 2021 - you have plenty of time until then to start using SKY view when it makes sense for you!

Q: Managing roles doesn't affect the user's permission set in BBGM classic, correct?
A: That's correct. There really aren't any roles to manage yet because we are still using/carrying over the permissions from Classic, however, the way the user setup works-there has to be at least ONE role created. We call it Grantmaking access, then any user that is added/invited that is not an admin will get that one role.

Q: Where do we find the forms manager to create new forms?
A: The Forms Manager will be accessible from within the SKY View navigation in an update coming soon. All administrative functionality such as the Forms Designer will be available by the end of Q1 2021. In the meantime, though, you can use those features in Classic View when you need them, and use SKY view for the majority of your work.

Q: What is the process for incorporating new updates once the initial SKY View has been released and in use?
A: New updates will seamlessly come into the solution. You do not have to do anything different. You are also able to use both classic view and the SKY view so that you can move to the SKY view but do your Admin work in the classic view

Q: What is the link to sign up for the Open Office Hours and future sessions?
A: is the site you can go to to sign up for future sessions. 

Attach is the slide deck for the session. If you'd like to watch the session again, you can do so at this link.

We hope to see you at our future Success Sessions!
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