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Have You Tried Chat? Anna Simons From Saint Xavier University Prefers It!

Did you know that our online live chat support has quickly become a popular way to contact us for assistance with our products?  In fact, the average wait time for chat is less than if you call.  We reached out to Anna Simons, the Executive Director of Advancement Services at Saint Xavier University, to talk about the value she receives in chat support.

We reviewed all of Anna's Support cases since January of 2013 and found that 73% of her cases were created through chat when compared to Case Central and calling Customer Support.

Chat, phone, and Case Central breakdown graph

As an avid chat user, we asked Anna a few questions about her chat experiences.

Blackbaud: Why do you choose to chat, rather than call or create a case?

Anna: I choose to chat more often because it is much quicker.  Less of a wait time, and also I have quick questions and not complicated questions.  I also like the ability to multi task.  I continue to work while I wait in the queue for someone to help, and while the support analyst is helping me to look things up I can also still respond to emails or staff continually asks questions.  My support does not stop while I am being helped.

Blackbaud: What is your experience with chat analysts?

Anna: The analysts are very helping, and usually are able to help.  If for some reason the problem is a bit too complicated to resolve via chat someone will always call me to help with the issue until it is resolved.

Blackbaud: Can complicated issues be resolved with chat?

Anna: Some complicated issues can be resolved with chat, but not all.  If they can’t help then someone will call me to follow up until the issue is resolved.

Blackbaud: Is there anything else you would like to tell fellow Blackbaud users about your chat experience?

Anna: I have had a great experience, and I will continue to use chat as my first option. For me I love the convenience of chatting then being on the phone or put on hold.  I recommend using this for all users.

Have you tried chat support yet? Share your experiences in the comments section below.
Got questions about chat or want more info? Check out our Chat Support FAQ.
Posted by Jennifer Palawasta on Mar 31, 2014 9:18 AM America/New_York

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