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Off The Grid Sign Up Is Now Closed

OTG Sign Up is now closed.

Calling all developers!!

It is our pleasure to invite you to be a customer representative for one of Blackbaud's Off The Grid teams July 27-28.

As part of one of a team, you have the chance to collaborate on a project that could end up as a new feature in Blackbaud solutions one day and you could even win a free trip to bbcon 2017!  If you are interested in joining our event, please fill out THIS BRIEF SURVEY and we will reach out directly as teams start to form and will coordinate participation details with you.

Participation will be limited based on number of teams and completing the survey does not guarantee your spot on a team, but we will try our best to align as many customers as possible with available teams.

Now for the details:

What is Off The Grid?
Off the Grid (OTG) is Blackbaud’s largest innovation-inspired event that we host twice a year across various locations and with remote team members.  Our technical and product folks work for a 24-hour period on projects of their choosing that are creative, valuable and beneficial to our customers.  Numerous OTG projects end up in Product Roadmaps, spawn other inspiring ideas, and get shipped directly to you!
Why is this edition different?
This July’s event is even more special because we are making YOU, our customers, a part of our event! We’re aligning interested customers to join as participants for our teams.  You will be connected with your team leading up to Off the Grid and determine the best ways in which you can help them on their projects.  Generally speaking, you will provide valuable input and feedback along the way, potentially test what your team is working on, and provide customer testimonial throughout judging and presentations.
What is your role and what is the benefit?
Our teams will help to prepare you to work remotely (or possibly onsite if you’re local to the team) during the event, which runs from 10am EDT on July 27 to 10 am EDT on July 28.  As part of a working team, you are also in the running for a chance to go to bbcon 2017! 

At the end of the Off the Grid event, teams will present their projects to a panel of judges.  A selection of teams will be selected from judging panels to present to a Blackbaud audience who will then vote for the Top 3 Finalist teams. Members from the Top 3 Finalist teams will be invited to present their projects and showcase innovation at bbcon on a large scale (specific details to come). If your team makes it to finals, your headed to bbcon on us!
Expectations and more info to help in your decision:
  1. All projects and content are Blackbaud CONFIDENTIAL.  Because this is an internal event and we want to keep our unveiling of OTG at bbcon a surprise, we expect that as a participant you will not publicly disclose details.
  2. There is no guarantee that your team’s project will end up in our products and solutions. It is Blackbaud’s intention to utilize and advance these projects as best we can into our roadmaps and products one day, but in some cases that can take time, more development and the right opportunity.
  3. Other than the joy of teamwork as well as global visibility across Blackbaud and potentially beyond, you will not be compensated for your input towards the project.  If the idea ends up going into production, you will not be paid for your involvement, but we can promise you a nice t-shirt and just maybe a trip on us to bbcon if you’re a finalist!
  4. You are welcome to, but not expected to work the full 24 hours of the OTG event.  Your team and you can decide what role you would like to play as part of the team.
Posted by Holly Herbert on Jul 3, 2017 10:51 AM America/New_York

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What is the deadline for signing up please?
  • Posted Mon 03 Jul 2017 11:31 AM EDT
Hi Lori! The original deadline was today (July 3), but we've extended it to July 7 thanks to the holiday weekend.
  • Posted Mon 03 Jul 2017 11:35 AM EDT