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The Buzz: March 31, 2021


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Are you familiar with the Blackbaud Community's super users? They are usually the people that jump to help answer your questions, participate in every event they can, and generally are a constant presence within the Blackbaud Community. We like to call them our Community Ninjas. And they have the special Blackbaud Community Ninja badge to prove it!

There are currently two different levels of Ninja here in the Blackbaud Community; Regular/Blue, and Green. Green Ninja status can only be obtained after (1) achieving your regular ninja badge, and (2) being nominated by your three Community Managers. Your Community Managers do this nomination process once a month, and invite the winners to level up to Green Ninja.

And starting next week, there's a new level to achieve. More details to come next week, but for now, we'll just give you a little tease of the latest ninja badge:


Wondering what you can do to become a Blackbaud Community Ninja? We have a training program specifically for that!


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Speak At bbcon 2021 Virtual!
It's time to start gearing up for bbcon 2021 Virtual and we're kicking things off with our Call for Speakers!

Hey, isn't that awesome??

Age has no boundaries when it comes to creating great things and ideas. Take for instance the story of the young high school girl who invented a bandage that changes color in order to help detect possible infection. 17-year old high schooler Dasia Taylor from Iowa started the project in 2019 as part of a science contest. The bandages would be especially helpful in Africa where infection is a serious risk and technology isn't as far along as it is in other parts of the world.

We'd love to hear if you've ever invented anything or know someone who has. Comment here:

Want an extra opportunity to score more points in Community?

Here's how: Answer an Unanswered Question! We'll be awarding 1,000 points to any user who can answer one of these questions in Community this week.

ETAPESTRY: Using eTapestry with QuickBooks

FINANCIAL EDGE: FE working with GE

RAISER'S EDGE: Eblast Tracking

K-12: Attendance Reminders For Teachers

Discussions In Community:


ALTRU: Advice for Timed Ticketing Page

JUST FOR FUN: Groundbreaking Ceremonies

ONLINE EXPRESS: Memberships with Ranges

Featured Jobs Listings:

Director of Development - UAFS - Fort Smith, AR

Data Specialist - Raiser's Edge Data Entry - Phoenix AZ

Find all the submitted jobs listings at the Blackbaud Community Jobs Listings Board

Upcoming Events:

Deep Dive into Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT and Raiser’s Edge Security Options, part 3 of 3 (April 6)

Say Yes to System Integration: Understanding the Possibilities (April 8)

Get Started with Your Training: The New Welcome to Blackbaud University Webinar for Financial Edge NXT Users (April 15)

ONLINE EVENT: An Introduction to Blackbaud Foundation Solutions for Independent & Family Foundations (April 15)

SAVE THE DATE: Virtual REGIONAL Meetup for Independent & Family Foundation Customers (April 28)

Financial Edge NXT: Get Moving with Your Credit Card Activity (April 29)

See the entire Blackbaud Community Events Calendar:
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Okay, yellow ninja update! We promised you more details and here they are. The new yellow ninja badge will be earned, then MAINTAINED every month. There will be a set number of tasks you must complete each month to maintain your yellow ninja status. We are outlining the tasks and will present them to the Community – next week! You must be a ninja to become a yellow ninja :-)

I am looking forward to a new Ninja challenge to tackle! Could use a little fun during this audit season!

Really good breakdown of ninja training article.

Love the new look of the Yellow Ninja badge! Can't wait to learn more!