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Win With Season Of Gif-ting!


We are gif-ting away FIVE $50 Amazon gift cards this holiday season and here is how you can play.

It's time for the Season of Gif-ting in Community!

We are gif-ting away FIVE $50 Amazon gift cards this holiday season. Read on to learn how to join in the fun.

Why the Gif-ting? This year, you will be searching for words and their corresponding GIFs across Community.

For example if the word is "Fireplace" you will see the word "Fireplace" and this on the page:

Yule Log Fireplace GIF

From now until the contest ends on December 23rd at 5pm est, we will be putting up a new word/gif on a page each weekday in the Community. All you have to do is find it, click on it, then fill out the form completely with your name and the winning word/gif and the bonus entry question!

You collect five different words each day (Monday-Friday) and we will select one winner randomly who found all five of the week to receive the $50 Amazon gift card.

We will announce the winner every Monday in the Buzz during the contest and notify them privately via direct message in Community. Even if you don't win the first draw, keep playing! The last week of the contest, we will randomly choose one WILDCARD winner from all the members who found all 15 words.

That's it! The words should be easy to find, you may just have to click around the Community and visit pages you haven't seen or explored much. It's a great opportunity to learn a bit more about our awesome site.

You can always ask us questions about the contest in the blog comments below and who knows, if you are super stuck on a day and can't find it, maybe a Community Manager will chime in with a clue.

Check out our contest page for complete contest rules.

Happy Hunting and Happy Holidays!
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Last day for the contest! Get those words in if you are trying to win the wild card!

Did anyone find today's image/ word??

It's a little tough, the hint we are giving is to start with the product/solutions page. Blackbaud Product Communities - Alphabetical - Blackbaud Community

Sounds like a fun little hunt! I admit I am the worst at this type of thing. But I wish everyone else the best of luck. :)

@Tami Goertzen and @Tina Pappas,

Oh no!! This was my error. I apologize. I am adding your names to the blog. Would you two be okay if I gave you both two submissions for this week into the raffle as a way to rectify my human mistake?


Oh my gosh, don't worry about it! I figured I was submitting it wrong. Thanks for confirming that I'm doing it right. It's been a lot of fun!

I'm pretty sure I found all five last week, but I am not on the list. Am I doing it wrong?

I thought I had too, but since I didn't find Monday's on Monday, I figured that was why.

Hi! Thanks for letting us know, the list was in the Buzz, but we took it down, so we could review it. I'll update you as soon as we review the list!

@Tami Goertzen Same here :(

Thanks for doing this! Looking forward to the second week's images being posted.

Thanks for putting this on!

Woot woot!!

Having issues in that clicking link is opening the gif file most times, not the page that it's on. Got back to page except for one. When get to the page there is no gif. Using Chrome. Is that the issue?

I am on Chrome and not having issues. Is your Chrome up to date?

Apparently I am blind!

@Candy Sangster are you still having trouble finding the word?

So much fun!! Thank you for all your commitments to the Community and making it enjoyable.

Question - are there any parameters on which communities to search in? Is it correct to assume that we need to look in communities that we likely do not subscribe to? (e.g. products we do not use)

Hi Amy - we're not going to bury them deep in a community somewhere if that's what you're asking. They should NOT be extremely difficult to find. That being said, we're not hiding them on the homepage either.

Such Fun!!!

Found one!!! To clarify…is it 5 words a day or a word a day for the week (5 words)??

One word every weekday.

I love these fun games you do!

Fun! I found today's word already :)

Amy Dana Amy Dana Nov '21

Woo hoo!

Yay! How fun :)

Fun! Thanks, Crystal. :)