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Collect Registration Fees For Your JustGiving Event


We are thrilled to announce that you can now have an integrated sign-up and fundraising experience for your events. With our in-house and third-party registration partners as well as the optimized event landing pages and microsites, you can collect registration fees and invite participants to publish their fundraising page all within the same digital encounter.

Here is how it works:

In most cases, a supporter will arrive on your event’s page and click the button to Register. From there, they can sign up to participate in your event and pay any related registration fees. After the transaction is complete, they will be prompted to create a page on JustGiving. Fundraisers will log into JustGiving and build a page that is affiliated to your event, personalize their page, and start raising money!

With JustGiving for fundraising, you get:
  • All the donor data for relationship building
  • Communication consent preferences for fundraisers and donors
  • Event affiliation for tracking and retention

With our enhanced digital services packages, you get:
  • A customized web page, highlighting your brand and mission while centralizing your event information. See them in action here.
  • Totalizing insights (like amount raised, gifts made, etc)
  • Registration buttons that link to your registration form
  • Social media feeds
  • Leaderboards for fundraisers and teams

Available Options:

Blackbaud Registration Forms
We will embed or link to a registration form (from Luminate Online, Raiser’s Edge NXT, Online Express, eTapestry, etc) that you create from the customized microsite or landing page to allow participants to both register and receive a prompt to create a fundraising page. Typically, the invitation for a fundraising page happens on the confirmation screen in this set up. This two-part process helps convert registrants to fundraisers during the sign-up experience and is one of our most popular configurations.


If you already have your form provider, the only added cost is the design package you purchase for your main landing page (should you choose to).

Event.Gives is the recommended partner for virtual, in-person and hybrid ticketed events like galas or benefits, especially if you want to incorporate raffles or auctions. We can create a central landing page where visitors can learn more about your event and register via Event.Gives. Fundraising activities will take place on JustGiving and event activities through Event.Gives. All the data from both platforms integrates into Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT so you can gain valuable participation insights.

For example, table captains can purchase a table and create a fundraising team when registering. All pre-event peer-to-peer fundraising by the team will take place on JustGiving. Any event-related activities (livestreaming, auctions, raffles, etc) and earnings (ticket fees, auction payments, and even general donations) can be handled through your Event.Gives event on the day of.


Everything is mobile-friendly and simple to use. Personal page creation is optional so you can leverage peer-to-peer fundraising in a way that matters most for your event type and goals.

In addition to purchasing the professional webpage (the only upfront cost), you will need an account with both Event.Gives and JustGiving. Each of those platforms have processing fees associated.

JustGiving has teamed up with Eventbrite to make it easy and automatic to create a fundraising page and raise money for your cause. On completing the purchase of a ticket, the registrant is automatically taken to JustGiving to set up their fundraising page in a matter of seconds (seriously- the confirmation screen refreshes, and they can start personalizing their page).

This set up is recommended for regional events where multiple charities or organizations are participating and single-charity events that do not desire the use of Campaigns in JustGiving. Since you cannot create and associate a campaign to the event, you will set all the personal fundraising page defaults through Eventbrite.

You can choose to purchase an enhanced webpage package for your event (recommended for a stronger brand presence than the standard Eventbrite page) or elect to configure the experience yourself. Regardless, a visitor will be able to register and pay any ticket costs via Eventbrite and conduct all fundraising through JustGiving.

You will need access to both tools; Eventbrite is free to install and use. You can test out our mock-up experience here before setting it up.

ACTIVE Network
Ideal fit for virtual, hybrid or in-person fitness-related activities, the ACTIVE Integration with JustGiving allows you to charge for your upcoming run, walk, cycle or ride event and offer automatic fundraising page creation. This tool will allow event participants to sign up for an event online in minutes, pay securely and begin fundraising immediately. Encourage them to track their training via Strava on JustGiving and have a comprehensive digital experience.


Enhance your overall event by purchasing our Virtual Event package that includes coaching emails and gamification or build your own registration form through ACTIVE.

Ready to get started?

Contact your Account Executive or chat with Sales now. We can help you navigate the various registration options and tailor-made webpages available based on your event type.

Many of these high-converting experiences do have added costs or fees but for most of our customers, you can simulate the flow with your existing solutions by customizing your event registration form thank you/confirmation page. Event registration and page creation are two separate steps.
Not using one of Blackbaud’s registration forms? Try sending an email to all your event registrants with a link to your JustGiving campaign to start fundraising now. Don’t forget you can customize the link to send the invitee directly to the page creation process (bypassing the actual campaign page) to increase conversions. Learn more about our fundraising page deep link.

Happy Fundraising!
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