COMING SOON! Digital Wallet Changes Coming to Your Blackbaud Checkout Forms 6631

COMING SOON! Digital Wallet Changes Coming to Your Blackbaud Checkout Forms

UPDATE 5/28/2020: Visa has announced that they will be transitioning the Visa Checkout button in Blackbaud Checkout to the EMV Secure Remote Commerce experience on Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 6:00PM PDT. No action is needed on your part to receive this update. Once this change has been made, Blackbaud Checkout users will enjoy the benefits detailed in the original post below.

Update: Visa has informed Blackbaud that due to challenges related to COVID-19, they are delaying the transition of Visa Checkout to the SRC button to a currently undefined future date. We will provide an update to this post once Visa has confirmed a new date for the transition.

As we announced in January, MasterCard and Visa are joining forces to provide a one-click digital wallet solution that adheres to EMVCo’s new standard for EMV Secure Remote Commerce (SRC). That solution will combine Masterpass and Visa Checkout—two of the digital wallet options available to Blackbaud Merchant Services™ customers using Blackbaud Checkout—into one payment (or “click-to-pay”) button.

By doing so, your constituents don’t have to remember passwords on “trusted devices” and there are fewer fields required to complete a transaction. Not only will that streamline the payment experience and provide enhanced security, but it will also help increase online conversion rates—especially important due to current events.

The card brands had originally intended to make this change at the end of January but delayed the transition until the Spring with a new target date planned for mid-April. In preparation, MasterCard is removing the Masterpass button as a payment option beginning on March 31, 2020. So, if you have existing Blackbaud Checkout-enabled web forms, Masterpass will be temporarily hidden until the new “click-to-pay” option is available. Once it is, Visa Checkout will be replaced by the button below and your supporters can access both their Visa Checkout and Masterpass wallets from one, convenient location:


As a reminder, Apple Pay will remain a separate payment option for Blackbaud Merchant Services customers using Blackbaud Checkout in most regions.  And, there is nothing you need to do to update your existing forms.

Why Blackbaud Checkout and Digital Wallets?
If you’re not familiar with Blackbaud Checkout, it is our streamlined, mobile responsive payment experience available to both Blackbaud Merchant Services and non-Blackbaud Merchant Services customers. It simplifies payment processing and supports transactions made via:
  • Credit card
  • Direct debit (ACH) – U.S. only
Blackbaud Merchant Services customers using Blackbaud Checkout have the added benefit of processing digital wallet payments. When it comes to digital wallets, your constituents can securely store their payment data while easily accessing that data from their wallet when they are ready. With fewer steps required to “check out”, they are more likely to complete the payment, so online conversion rates increase. In addition, we intend to expand our wallet offerings in the future, so if you are using Blackbaud Merchant Services with Blackbaud Checkout, you’ll have access to new payment options as they are added.

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