Action Needed For Customers Who Self-Host Raiser's Edge 7961

Action Needed For Customers Who Self-Host Raiser's Edge

On October 5 between 10 and 11 p.m. Eastern, Blackbaud will make a change to enhance the security of the Blackbaud Payment Service™ that requires your attention. This change will impact the IP addresses associated with Blackbaud Payment Service™, and updates are required for self-hosted customers to avoid disrupting your payment processing.

If your organization self-hosts Blackbaud applications – such as Blackbaud NetCommunity™, Blackbaud Internet Solutions™, Blackbaud CRM™, or Raiser's Edge™ – and uses Internet Protocol (IP) address-based firewall rules, you must allow all traffic from the IP addresses used by Section.IO below. They are a third-party service utilized by Blackbaud for networking purposes. The following CIDRs (IP ranges) must be allowed:
. ( - ( -

Allowing these new IP addresses will avoid a disruption in your payment processing service.

If your Blackbaud applications are all hosted by Blackbaud, no action is required. Additionally, self-hosted customers who use hostname-based firewall rules do not need to take action.

For more information, please review Knowledgebase article KB 50865. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support.
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