To help the Social Good sector prepare for and respond to any potential impacts of the coronavirus, we’ve compiled these resources, which we will continue to update:

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Raiser's Edge Announcements

  • New BBU
    An Ounce of Prevention
    We’ve all heard the expression an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure . The same holds true for your Raiser’s Edge fiscal year-end or calendar year-end preparation! You wouldn’t take a trip without planning how you will get there. You wouldn’t take an exam without studying. You wouldn’t cook before washing your hands. So, why would you approach ... more

Raiser's Edge Tips and Tricks

  • BBU2019
    Personalize Your Raiser’s Edge Learning Adventure
    Back to school is right around the corner for many families. My children are in elementary school or college, so between supplies shopping and reviewing everything they learned in school last year, our house is in a frenzy. Which has made me start thinking about my schooling and professional development. What have I learned lately? What skills do I need ... more

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