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    April 2019 Release To Raiser's Edge - Luminate Online Integration
    A new release to the Raiser's Edge - Luminate Online (RELO) integration is available and will be on the  Download website  after April 23rd! The release upgrades the Luminate Online plug-in for Raiser's Edge to version 1.5.7098.12 and Blackbaud Web Services to version 1.4.19093.2.  With this release, we've included new features and defect ... more

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    Increasing Trust In A Distrustful World
    In January, I was excited to get my annual giving statements from the social good organizations my family supports. I was planning to see a list of accomplishments and how those accomplishments furthered each group’s mission—as well as thanks for being a loyal donor. Sadly, my excitement turned to disappointment when many of the statements included just a list of my giving. One didn’t even say “thank you.” They really missed an opportunity to show me the value of my giving and encourage me to continue support. more

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