Acknowledge your gifts without mail merge! 3583
Acknowledge your gifts without mail merge!

January 27 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Are you looking for an alternative, automated solution to acknowledge gifts without the hassle of list exports and mail merges? Join, DonorTek CEO Shawn Steele, to learn how to efficiently automate the generation and delivery of gift e-receipts and acknowledgment letters with DonorTek's ReceipterPro application.

Available features in ReceipterPro 2.0 include:
  • Integration with Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT: The system operates seamlessly with RENXT. No manual imports/exports or batch updates.
  • Business rules: The system validates each receipt against your business rules—like which Funds use which template, who is and is not e-receiptable—to ensure they meet your exacting specifications.
  • Custom Branding: Receipts generated by ReceipterPro are highly customizable to align with your organization’s branding look-and-feel. These professional looking receipts can boost donor confidence and loyalty.
  • Print and e-Receipts: Print or email receipts based on each donor’s preference. Donors can opt-out of e-receipts at any time, in which case all future receipts for them will be printed automatically.
  • Gift Selector Tool: Receipt all new gifts or only those you select. Generating receipts for 1 or 1000 gifts is simple, easy, and fast.
  • Easy Retrieval: Each receipt generated is archived in a HIPAA compliant PDF format for easy retrieval later.
  • Receipt re-generation: Easily re-send any receipt with just a few clicks. You can add a “Duplicate” or “Replacement” stamp to the reissue as well!
This webinar also describes the problems with mail-merge technologies and why an automation solution like ReceipterPro is a valuable alternative. We will also spend some time talking about the process of the gift acknowledging, how to effectively implement e-receipting and much more.

Date & Time
Thursday January 27th, 2022 1:00pm EST
End Date & Time
Thursday January 27th, 2022 2:00pm EST

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