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  • Everybody's Looking For Someone: Constituent And Relationship Search
    As you develop relationships with your donors and supporters, you're likely to build a wealth of records for constituents and related individuals and organization. To access someone's record, you can select their name, like in a list or under Recently accessed in Home . To find a specific record, you can also search for any individual or organization — constituent or relationship — with the Search for a constituent field. It helps, though, to know what search criteria to use!   more

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  • Upgrade Your Donors! In this 22 minute webinar originally hosted in April 2017 by the Onboarding and Adoption Team, Melissa Karim leads Raiser's Edge NXT users through how they can leverage built in analytics to get the most out of their fundraising ...
    Date Created: 04/27/2017 08:24 AM
    Submitted by: Mallory Gilbert