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The Planned Giving Trees 7802

When I was four, my father moved us to a house built on—and surrounded by—old cornfields. I was very confused. Where would we hang my tire swing? I asked my dad where all the trees were. To my delight, he told me some were coming the next day! I couldn’t wait to see the humungous trucks or airplanes that were going to deliver these trees for our new yard. A ...

What's New in Raiser's Edge NXT the Week of July 20th 7799

This week, Raiser's Edge NXT introduces updates for donation forms and gift receipts.

Celebrating Our June Certified Users 7791

Blackbaud University is celebrating our Raiser’s Edge NXT users who became Blackbaud Certified in June! Be sure to review our listing, and celebrate your colleagues by viewing their profiles, becoming Blackbaud Community friends, or just congratulating them on their awesome achievements. To all our Raiser’s Edge NXT Certified professionals, ...

How To Create Winning Blended Live And Virtual Auction And Event Fundraisers 7790

As event venues open again and pandemic restrictions lift, how do you invest the gold (lessons learned) from 2020 to create the best possible hybrid of live and virtual auctions and events? Register now to join this webinar on Wednesday, July 21 at 1 p.m . to learn how your peers are raising money using hybrid (blended live and virtual) auction and event ...

Say “I Do” to Prospect Status 7787

My older brother has finally done it—he’s proposed to his girlfriend of six years! My future sister in-law asked if I could help them with planning the wedding. I was tasked with keeping tabs on what has been done, making sure no items on the to-do list were forgotten. As with a wedding, you must plan your approach for prospective donors and keep tabs on your ...