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Getting Started With Blackbaud CRM!

Are you new to Blackbaud CRM? If so, this three-part orientation video is a great resource to get you acquainted with this customizable software. In one hour, review the key concepts, basic navigation, the five types of Constituent Records, and how to search. Get the basic information you’ll need to better understand your organization’s specific CRM instance.

Welcome to Blackbaud CRM and enjoy your orientation!

Posted by Jon Nelson on Jan 29, 2018 8:21 AM America/New_York

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This is a great orientation option for any BBCRM user needing a refresher or new to the organization. The 3 part video will take you through the core essentials needed to successfullly navigate the system.
  • Posted Mon 05 Feb 2018 05:48 PM EST
This is great, Jill! Are you planning to release any other BBCRM 4.0 Training Videos?
  • Posted Tue 06 Feb 2018 06:27 PM EST
Great question, Melissa. Although none are scheduled at this time, there have been discussions for additional topics. Please, reach out to Blackbaud University with your ideas or suggestions, if your organization is in need of BBCRM or BBIS training delivery, user education consultation, or courseware design.
  • Posted Fri 09 Feb 2018 03:19 PM EST
This is fantastic, Jill, thank you!
  • Posted Tue 10 Apr 2018 10:37 AM EDT
I really appreciate these videos. It is just enough to become familiar with how to use the system. Much Appreicated!
  • Posted Fri 22 Feb 2019 03:52 PM EST