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We’re Here For The Party!

My husband and I really enjoy our social time—attending different types of events is a great way for us to get out, meet people, and remember what it feels like to have a social life! It’s not as easy now that we have a one-year-old with a 7 p.m. bedtime. Between our schedules, a babysitter, and an event he feels is important to attend versus an event I feel is important to attend, we need to carefully pick and choose which events are worth all the planning it takes for us to even consider attending an event.

Just as planning our outings takes time, so does planning the perfect event. There are many do’s and don’ts you should aa6cd4e5eadccdfd86c391b5b4dabfd3-huge-cefollow to set the stage for your magical event moment. After all, you want to plan the event, the one that people know they must attend, right? So, where to begin?

Easy. Start your planning steps in Raiser’s Edge Database View. Create an Event record, name the event, and add the place-and-time details—include any information you happen to have in the early planning stage.

Next, start thinking about your audience. Each event should target a specific audience based on factors such as interests, age, demographics, and past event attendance. Use Raiser’s Edge NXT Web View to view past event attendance, event attendance by timeline, gifts that are linked to an event, and to view tags which display information for those who are registered for an event and those who have attended an event. Once you have an idea of whom to invite, create your group in Raiser’s Edge NXT or in Database View and send out your “invites”!

Whether your event is a gala or a small affair, after the event invitation goes out, let the RSVPs start rolling in! Use Raiser’s Edge Database View to register event attendees. Add event gifts, link them to the event record, and voila! Using either the Raiser’s Edge NXT Web View or Database View, your fundraisers will immediately see who is attending, and the event will be added to each constituent’s event timeline in Raiser’s Edge NXT Web View. By the way, a fancy dinner party is always on my top priority list—let me know if you need my address!

Interested in more details about creating great events?
Learn how to create and manage event and participant records in the Database View. Take the instructor-led courses Raiser’s Edge: Events 1 and Raiser’s Edge: Events 2.
Learn how to work with constituents in the Web View. Watch the eLearning course Raiser’s Edge NXT: Basics of Fundraising.
Posted by Michelle Grant on Aug 22, 2016 11:36 AM America/New_York