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What's New In Raiser's Edge NXT The Week Of April 10

This week, Raiser's Edge NXT updates with enhancements to constituent records and gift lists!

e153d3940a34feaacd439941e48f52bd-huge-coFilter a constituent's consent records. Whether to comply with regulatory guidelines (like GDPR) or simply build positive relationships, it's important to ask constituents which types of communications they want to receive, and how. Under Consent on a constituent's record, you can now filter their list of consent records by category or channel. For more information, see the Consent Help.

View when donors in a gift list gave anonymously. To help respect a donor's wishes, you can now identify when a gift in a list was given anonymously. For these gifts, 'Anonymous' now appears under the donor's name in the Constituent column. For more information, see the Anonymous Giving Help.

f4c92b0c526a71d94a09524f6b7b516d-huge-inView an address information source. To track where an address came from, you can now select View details next to Addresses under Contact information on a constituent's record to view the information source of their addresses. In the Info source field, you can view the information source for any address with a source code. For more information, see the Addresses Help.

For more information about these features, or to catch up on previous releases, check out the What's New Help and What's Recent Help. Enjoy!
Posted by Steve Stegelin on Apr 10, 2018 3:20 PM America/New_York

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Happy to see Anonymous listed now! 
  • Posted Tue 17 Apr 2018 10:58 AM EDT