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What's New In Raiser's Edge NXT The Week Of March 12 (for Some In The US)

This week, Raiser's Edge NXT begins the waved roll out of new data health options for customers in the United States.  
View the health of your database. ec483007973a36e5799cec9725d2e3d0-huge-daWith Data Health, Blackbaud can help you determine your database's Address, Deceased, Email, and Phone health by comparing information about your constituents to other known information in national consumer databases.  

From Tools, Data Health, you can view your database’s scores from the AddressFinder, DeceasedFinder, EmailFinder, and PhoneFinder services.

When most of your information is complete and current, your database receives a high score from that service. If the service returns a lower score, that may indicate a higher volume of incomplete or incorrect data. To improve your scores, we recommend running your database through the services regularly to identify incorrect or incomplete data in your database. For more information, see Data Health.

From Address health, you can view detailed information returned from your database’s submission to the service and update your AddressFinder settings. Make sure to submit your Processing Acknowledgment Form to get started! For more information, see Address Health.

Don't see this feature? No need to worry. If all goes well based on feedback and usage, expect its wider release in a future update.

For more information, or to catch up on previous releases, check out the What's New Help and What's Recent HelpEnjoy!
Posted by Kimberly Coughlin on Mar 14, 2019 1:38 PM America/New_York

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What's the time frame for the waved roll out for U S customers?
  • Posted Wed 13 Mar 2019 08:50 AM EDT
Hi Annette - we're working through another set of databases every week and anticipate this taking 4-6 weeks to have it available to everyone. If you'd like to speak about your site, feel free to send me an email []. Thanks!
  • Posted Thu 14 Mar 2019 11:46 AM EDT
How will this handle new or updated addresses? Will it automatically move the preferred address to previous and add the source to the new? Including dates to/from, etc.  I would like to understand the process before it is launched.
  • Posted Fri 22 Mar 2019 10:13 AM EDT
Hi Annie - we've documented the changes we'll make when a new address is found in our help: under "Address Processing". We will add date from/to appropriately and save the original address as well. Thanks for your interest!
  • Posted Fri 22 Mar 2019 02:15 PM EDT
Thanks for letting us know. 
  • Posted Tue 26 Mar 2019 11:42 AM EDT
Looking forward to this feature. 
  • Posted Fri 29 Mar 2019 05:05 PM EDT