#GivingNow: What To Do After #GivingTuesday 614

#GivingNow: What To Do After #GivingTuesday


***Dusting off this post from last year as we move from #GivingTuesday to #ThankingWednesday and #ThankingThursday, with suggestions on how to build on your success going into the new year. Enjoy!***

Hopefully everyone had a successful #GivingTuesday, with an influx of donations and new donors inspired by the spirit of the day. As you barrel headlong into the holiday giving season, it's important to take steps to hold the attention of those #GivingTuesday donors into the new year. In short, now that #GivingTuesday has come and gone, what's next? 

8f529d20df0cc2bd5eda69832804c05a-huge-giThank all your donors. You hooked donors new and old with #GivingTuesday; now's the time to make a personal connection and show your appreciation. Send them a personalized acknowledgement — such as an email to online donors, or a hand-written note to major donors — that lets them know how you'll use their gift and the difference their generosity makes. Given the social media influence of #GivingTuesday, post a thanks to your donors on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed.

Welcome new donors to the fold. Your donors from #GivingTuesday may not know much about your organization. They may have been inspired to give based on a friend's Facebook post, or maybe they value your mission but aren't familiar with your efforts. Take the time to introduce your organization to these donors. Engage them with a welcome package or email that explains the work your organization does and inspires with examples of the impact your supporters have. To avoid a wall of text, include pictures of your mission in action, or link to a video testimonial or short blog post from those who benefit from your efforts. Include information about where they can connect with your organization — such as your website, on social media, or a direct email address — and invite them to stay involved through an upcoming event or volunteer opportunity (something other than another gift!).

Analyze (and share) your success. To prepare for the next #GivingTuesday, review the success of this year's. Analyze your fundraising effectiveness compared to previous years' efforts and the goals set for this year. For example, how much did you raise on #GivingTuesday? How many new donors gave on the day? Did returning donors give more or less than last year? Celebrate your wins and discuss the lessons learned. Most importantly, let your #GivingTuesday donors know the impact they had — even if you fell short of your goals for the day — so they're encouraged to give again in the new year (and hopefully not just on #GivingTuesday!).

What you do post-#GivingTuesday can have direct impact on the success of your fundraising in the coming year. And, remember, it's never too early to start planning for next year's #GivingTuesday campaign!
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