Little Bites 6903

Little Bites

How do you eat a large sandwich?
One bite at a time!
How do you get Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT under your belt?
One mini-course at a time!

To help you consume Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT knowledge more easily, we’re splitting some 3-hour courses into bite-sized 90-minute courses for a more focused, accessible, and easy-to-digest learning experience.

In July, Raiser’s Edge NXT: Fundamentals - Overview and Data Entry will split into: In August, Raiser’s Edge NXT: Marketing and Outreach splits into: In September, Raiser’s Edge NXT: Reporting and Analysis splits into: Even if you’ve taken the original course, you can opt to take any of the shorter options as a refresher. You’ll get lots of quick tips and tricks such as:
  • How to search for constituents first, to improve your reporting accuracy by limiting duplicates
  • How the mapping feature in Lists lets you group constituents based on an area you draw on a map
  • How workflows can help systematize your constituent moves management process
Want to learn more? Explore the complete list of Raiser’s Edge and Raiser’s Edge NXT courses on the Raiser’s Edge NXT curriculum datasheet. These courses are included in your Learn More or Learn Everything training subscription. Not a subscriber? You can purchase any of our courses a-la-carte, or request more information about the benefits of a Learn® subscription here.
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