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Safety And Convenience

Wouldn’t it be nice to click just once and be registered for all the courses you need to get certified?

You could learn things like how the Benchmarking Dashboard allows you to compare your fundraising metrics with similar organizations at a glance. Or learn why the Criteria tab is the only crucial tab when building a query. Or learn that, when you need to correct a constituent’s name, you need to do so on the individual name fields on the constituent’s Bio 1 tab.

One click to get all those insights. If only it were that easy!

Well, here’s some good news: We are committed to bringing you a superior learning experience in a safe, virtual, online format for your convenience. Our new Accelerator Pack events are presented online by a single instructor, and via a single registration. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn Fundamentals level certifications in Raiser’s Edge NXT and Raiser’s Edge. Reviews are included before the end of the Accelerator Pack to help you warm up for the certification exams.

The Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT: Fundamentals - Accelerator Pack event consists of key courses from the Raiser’s Edge NXT curriculum. Throughout this three-day event, you’ll learn the basic tools that will get you started with Raiser’s Edge NXT, such as how and when to use constituent codes to classify the relationship a constituent has with your organization.
Courses included in this Fundamentals Accelerator Pack event:
  • Raiser’s Edge NXT: Fundamentals - Overview and Data Entry 
  • Raiser’s Edge NXT: Fundamentals - Fundraising
  • Raiser’s Edge: Fundamentals - Constituents 
  • Raiser’s Edge: Fundamentals - Gifts
  • Raiser’s Edge: Fundamentals - Query
  • Raiser’s Edge: Fundamentals - Data Analysis and Extraction
Another option is the Raiser’s Edge Professional - Accelerator Pack event, which consists of key courses to bring your skills to the next level. A review is included at the end to help you prepare for the Professional level certification, included in this three-day event. You’ll learn that it’s best to use the Mail module for donor acknowledgement letters and receipts, and that Export Mail merges allow you access to all available fields for your more specific communication goals.
Courses included in the Professional Accelerator Pack event:
  • Raiser’s Edge: Maintaining Accurate Constituent Records 
  • Raiser’s Edge: Gift Updates and Maintenance
  • Raiser’s Edge: Expert Data Segmentation with Query
  • Raiser’s Edge: Generating Exports
  • Raiser’s Edge: Efficient Mail Communications
  • Raiser’s Edge: Actionable Reporting
Continue your learning journey from the safety of your home office by registering for these upcoming Accelerator Pack events. Take advantage of our streamlined registration process and the exciting opportunity to network with your peers across this multi-day event.

Click here to register for the Fundamentals Accelerator Pack.
Click here to register for the Professional Accelerator Pack.

More good news: If you’re a Learn Everything training subscriber, all Accelerator Pack events are available, free of charge!

Posted by Mike Adams on Jun 29, 2020 9:38 AM America/New_York

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