New Power Query And Power BI Connector For Raiser’s Edge NXT 7206

New Power Query And Power BI Connector For Raiser’s Edge NXT


Do you use Power BI as a centralized reporting solution and need a way to connect your Raiser’s Edge NXT data?

With the SKY Developer Power Query and Power BI connector, you can now plug your Raiser's Edge NXT data via SKY API as a source for Power BI without additional technical know-how! The SKY Developer team has provided an open source code sample in the App Showcase that you can download and use without writing any code.

Are you curious about the process, and want to see how it works? We also have a walkthrough demo with Linton Myers, a Strategic Solutions Developer at Blackbaud. See just how easy it is to create your own custom Power BI connector for Raiser’s Edge NXT using Blackbaud SKY Developer code in GitHub

Blog Raiser's Edge NXT Blog 10/16/2020 9:08am EDT

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Can you explain a little bit about what exactly Power Query and Power BI is and why we would find this useful to our organization? Do you have examples of what is does, the actually features, and how to use it. The demo just goes through set up but doesn't explain the end user experience. Thank you.
Hey Michael Bober‍, thanks for the question. Power Query and Power BI are both Microsoft applications. They have some documentation that you could go through to learn about them: and

Also, if you signed up for bbcon 2020, you can access session recordings. I highly recommend Linton's session "Nonprofit Analytics: How To Build Financial and Fundraising Dashboards" as it's a great introduction to this topic. I'm not sure how linking works for the online recordings but if you log in, you can search for that session title. Hope this helps!
I will take a look at the links you provided and check out Linton's session. Thanks. 
Michael Bober‍ - SKY is the limit with Power BI - ha! You can customize your analytics - personal logo, custom formulas, filters, smash up your data overlayed with census data, easy maps, and more video here:
I thought that when using the data connector to refer to a list in NXT, that all the data available in the list would be available in the connector, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  I was hoping to be able to group by Campaign and Appeal withing Power BI but that data is not coming through from NXT.  Am I doing something wrong?
Hi Carolyn Grant‍,
For discussions about using this Power BI code sample, we recommend using the SKY Developer community. We have a category for "Microsoft Connectors." It's a great place to troubleshoot, share ideas, and provide us feedback on what you want to see or be able to do. 
Paul Sinclair‍ I am having the same issue. I can't work out how to create a relationship between my gift list and the Fund, Campaign and Appeals. Anyone have any suggestions?
Hi Katherine Solomon‍ and Paul Sinclair‍ - did you ever find a solution to linking your gift list to Campaigns, Funds and Appeals? 
I have had no success with this.  Because of this gap, I have returned to my old method of exporting CSV and bringing that into PBI.
Katherine Solomon‍ , Paul Sinclair‍, and Sonia Duckett‍ I would recommend posting in the SKY Developer community. We have a category for "Microsoft Connectors." and i think it would help them to know that this is a feature you'd like to have added. 
Paul Sinclair‍ thanks for your question. This connector works through SKY API, so any data that's available in SKY API would be available as part of this Power BI connector. Here's the List API: 
As a brief explanation, the way the List API works is that it uses the corresponding entity list endpoint to return the data. So the data that gets returned may be different to what was set up in the List UI. I would recommend seeing what we have available through the API and see if that helps with what you're trying to accomplish. If it doesn't, please post in our Microsoft Connectors forum so it's easier to discuss what you're seeing and provide us feedback about what you're trying to accomplish. 
Is there also a connector for FE NXT?  

This is the error message I am getting.  Any thoughts?


Here is a better screen shot


Eric Malloy‍ Thanks for your question. My apologies for the delay, I was out of the office on Friday. This connector code sample does also work as is for Financial Edge NXT.  However, while it works, it's not as fully built out on the API side as Raiser's Edge NXT.  So, you may run into roadblocks as you try to use the data the way you'd like. However, we do appreciate feedback and ideas so we can prioritize upcoming work. If you have time, please post in the SKY Developer community, Microsoft Connectors forum.
I've installed the RE NXT Connector and can see some FE NXT data without issues (GL:Account/ Project queries) Can you advise if the FE NXT Journal Entry data are linked and available? I do not see a query available for JE This would be the only piece missing to make it truly powerful in Power BI.handy.

P T P T Dec '20
Hi Lindsey, 
I am fairly new to Razor's Edge and I was wondering if there is a way to connect your RE dashboards (the ones you can customize) to Power BI? Are there any additional softwares that I should learn? I am really not sure where to start from and from your post it seems like you have an idea of how to do it. 
Any help would be nice! 
Hi, I recommend you ask your question in the the SKY Developer community. We have a category for "Microsoft Connectors."  and I think you'll be better able to have a discussion there. 
David Lee David Lee Dec '20
Hi - Is the New Power Query And Power BI Connector available for Blackbaud K12 SIS/LMS?  Thank you!
Not at this time. However, if it becomes available I can let you know. 
Is anyone having issues changing .zip to .mez once you create the zip folder? I'm renaming the zip folder to .mez, but it is still showing the folder type as Compressed (zipped) folder. Thank you. 
Lisha Yates‍, I recommend using the SKY Developer community to troubleshoot your issue.  We have a category for "Microsoft Connectors."