Oops! Looks Like We Jumped The Gun! Receipting Capabilities Are Being Rolled Back For Many Of You. 7386

Oops! Looks Like We Jumped The Gun! Receipting Capabilities Are Being Rolled Back For Many Of You.


Due to performance concerns we have made the difficult decision to roll back the web view receipting capabilities that were released to all Raiser's Edge NXT customers this past Tuesday.

Hey everyone! Sorry about the interruption, but I wanted to make everyone aware of a decision we made late this afternoon (Wednesday, January 13).

As many of you may have seen, we released Gift and Consolidated receipting capabilities in Raiser's Edge NXT web view to all of our US based customers this past Tuesday. I know many of you were excited to receive these capabilities, and unfortunately for us that excitement resulted in a bit more usage (or rather attempted usage) than we had expected! While many of you tried to use the feature, the capabilities became slower and slower and ultimately started to fail for many of you. We made a few quick changes to try and address this, but are to the point where we need to dig a little deeper. While we do that, we decided it was better to roll back the widespread release from this past Tuesday, which means many of you have now lost access to the receipting features in web view. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but in the state it was in when you did have access early today, it was performing so poorly that it was essentially unusable for anyone. Rest assured that resolving these issues and getting this redeployed to everyone is our top priority!

NOTE: If you had access to the receipting capabilities in Raiser's Edge NXT web view prior to this past Tuesday, you do still have access to that capability. We have only rolled it back from environments that were granted access on Tuesday as part of the General Availability release for US organizations.

My apologies for the inconvenience that this presents. I know many of you were eager to start using this (and we were eager to get your feedback). I'll keep you all updated via this community as we make progress. 

Jarod Bonino
Principal Product Manager
Raiser's Edge NXT
Blog Raiser's Edge NXT Blog 01/13/2021 5:06pm EST

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I'm glad to see an explanation. This is a feature I'd love to use, but for receipting 2020 gifts we probably would not have implemented it yet. I was very excited to get in there and look at the features, but then it was gone! I was concerned and came looking here for an answer. I look forward to it being pushed out again once it is ready and hopefully use it for 2021!
Any word on when this be released again?
Not just yet. We have a couple promising leads to resolve the performance issues, but we need to prove them out a bit further before committing to a timeline. When we do resume, we are very likely to do so in smaller waves over a longer period of time, so YMMV on the exact timing. That said, I'll share an updated plan once its more clear.