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Same Classic Raiser’s Edge – with a New Training Look!

Like a ’65 Mustang, cake mascara, and the Mushroom Swiss Burger from Whataburger, real classics never go out of style. Trends come and go, but these tried-and-true favorites fit like your favorite hoodie, year after year.

Still, it’s good to shake things up sometimes. That’s why our eLearning for Raiser’s Edge database view has a fresh new look and feel for 2021. Blackbaud’s flagship solution has powered social good for decades, but learning to use it has never been easier and more convenient. These interactive, self-paced classes are a perfect way to refresh your software knowledge for greater efficiency—or to expand your know-how into gift batches, reports, events, and prospects.

Check out these nine revamped courses (and one all-new addition): Each course is packed with useful tips to help you fall in love with Raiser's Edge all over again.

Here’s one: When you export constituent records to work with the data, it’s a great idea to also create a control report. A control report shows the sort and output fields selected for the query, the name you assigned to it, and the location where the query was saved.

Click the name of any course to launch it.
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