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What's New in Raiser's Edge NXT the Week of July 20th


This week, Raiser's Edge NXT introduces updates for donation forms and gift receipts.

Add images to donation forms

To add impact to your donation forms, you can now add images. From Tools, Donation form designer, create or edit a donation form. Under Form, select Content in Form designer and move Image to the form. Images are center justified, support JPEG, GIF, PNG, and SVG file types, and must be smaller than 2 MB and 580 pixels.

Use a gift list to filter gifts that need a receipt

To send gift receipts, you now select the gifts from a new or existing gift list. This gives you greater filtering power because you have access to all the filters in Lists, Gifts. For example, if you only want to send receipts for donations that were given to a specific fund, you can create a list for those gifts, save it, then access it from Fundraising, Gift receipting.

From Fundraising, Gift receipting, search for an existing gift list and select Apply filters. Or to create a new list, go to Lists, Gifts, and then create a new list with all the filters you want. For more information, see Gift Receipting Filters.


Additionally, to streamline the Gift receipting area, the Receipted tab has been removed so you can focus just on the gifts that still need receipts. If you want to see all the gifts that have been receipted from a particular gift list, access the list from Lists, Gifts, and filter by Receipt status.

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