Don't Miss The Social Good Developer Drop-In Session On November 9! 8023

Don't Miss The Social Good Developer Drop-In Session On November 9!


Did you join the mainstage at bbcon? If so, you heard from social good developers, IT professionals, and savvy DBAs about how the power of APIs and automation tools has fundamentally changed the way they work to meet the new demands of donors and a remote workforce.

Well, if you want to rub virtual elbows with that crowd or just drop in and see what all the hype is about, then now is your chance.

Blackbaud Developers’ Conference Drop-in in on November 9th is the place to be inspired, connect with your peers, swap code, learn how to optimize your work, and drive impact in your organization.

Register now and grab your exclusive spot for this learning event that brings together all levels of developers and technology enthusiasts.

You don’t want to miss the FREE virtual event! Here are just some of the highlights you can look forward to:
  • #bbdevdays Kickoff with emcee Chief Architect Bill Walsh and his panel participants Blackbaud's VP, Technology, Platform & Design Chris Mitchell; Director, Enterprise Product Management David Marcucci; and Head of Technology & Innovation Andy Snyder.
  • We graduate our new class of Microsoft Power Platform Accelerator students and Ben Wong (the man with the guitar and Product Manager for SKY Developer™) gives out some partner awards!
  • Fast-paced lightning rounds on hot topics, new releases, peer and partner innovation for Blackbaud CRM™, Raiser’s Edge NXT®, Financial Edge NXT®, Blackbaud Church Management®, Luminate Online®, and TeamRaiser®.
  • Microsoft Power Platform Accelerator graduates return to show off their projects and give away some free code for Power Automate and Power Apps. If you submit to the template library with your own code before November 1, then you are entered to win a prize. More details to come when you register!
  • Fifteen Skills Labs for all levels, including free training workshops for low-coders, web developers, BA/ Report Writers and advanced admins brought to you by BrightVine, npAutomate, Cathexis Partners, Doing Good Digital, DNL OmniMedia, Zeidman Development, and Blackbaud product experts. Grab a spot while they last!
  • Developer meet-ups for Blackbaud Partners, SKY API™ developers, Raiser’s Edge NXT® customers of all sizes, newcomers to the Microsoft Power Platform, Financial Edge NXT® power users, Blackbaud CRM™ developers, Blackbaud CRM™ BA/report Writers, Luminate Online® Web Services users, TeamRaiser® experts, and Luminate Online® web developers.
  • A private magic show from our sponsor Print Your Cause and an exclusive app giveaway from Red Arc.
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As someone self-classified as no-code to low-code, I'm looking forward to this conference and hearing from the experts esp. for TeamRaiser. Fingers crossed that I can keep up!

Why would you bury the lede like this and put the magic show at the bottom??

ROFL… You are SO right. I should have said “Magic show! And some developer stuff…. ” :-)