Improve Data Hygiene with Online Data Review (Global) 9562

Improve Data Hygiene with Online Data Review (Global)


You asked and we listened. Data hygiene is important and impacts your organization’s overall goals. Online data review, a highly requested feature from the idea bank, is designed to increase the accuracy of your database and assist you in making reliable decisions.

As online giving continues to rise, it is crucial to ensure that online gifts are linked correctly to constituent data. Accuracy in your database allows you to make more informed decisions. By design, Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT donation forms automatically match incoming gifts with constituents in your system. If the system does not find a match, it creates a new record. We heard from you that this process seems to create more duplicate records than you would like. In response, we created Online data review, which adds an optional review step. Activating this option empowers you to review transactions created by Raiser's Edge NXT donation forms and manually link them to existing constituent records or create new records.

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Online data review is supported by both Standard and Optimized donation forms and is included with your Raiser’s Edge NXT subscription.

How do I access the Online data review tool within Raiser’s Edge NXT?
Navigate to Fundraising, then Gift management, where you will find a newly developed Gift management action hub. This page replaces the previous Gift Batch page. When accessing the Gift management action hub, a welcome panel introduces the Online data review feature, designed to reduce duplicate constituents. Access your Online data review preferences by clicking on the Review setting button or the Online data review link under Settings in the right column.


This enables you to activate this feature and set your Online date review preferences. The default setting is to use automatic constituent matching. You have the option to change your preferences to manually review unmatched transactions or manually review and match all transactions.


Once you have established your Online data review preference, all transactions that meet your criteria will appear in the "Needs attention" area, allowing you to review gifts before they move into batch.


The donor’s name and amount will appear on the far left-hand side, and if needed, you can click on the gift to access more detailed information. Existing constituent matches will appear under "possible matches." However, if you want to search for a constituent record, you can do so by searching for the person’s name, email address, phone number, etc.


If you are unsure whether the possible match is correct, you can click on the constituent’s name to access more information. A constituent panel will appear to assist you in confirming if this is the correct constituent.


Once you have identified the correct constituent, the tool guides you through a review process, allowing you to modify information on the constituent record. The constituent is then linked to the donation.

What if the donor provides an updated address along with the gift? Can I update their constituent record?
Yes, you can add the new address to their record. You also have options to:
  • Designate the new address as their primary without replacing the old address.
  • Adjust the types of the new address and, if needed, the previously marked primary address.

What if no constituent profiles match the transaction?
Create a new profile by clicking on "Create new constituent." There, you can develop a profile record for the new donor.

What if I want to change my Online data review preferences?
Choosing your Online data review preference using the radio buttons isn't a one-way ticket. You can change your preferences at any time by clicking on "Online data review" under settings on the Gift Management page and making a different selection.

Can this tool be used without Blackbaud Donation Forms?
Unfortunately, no. To appear in Online data review, the transaction must go through Raiser’s Edge NXT Standard or Optimized donation forms.

Who has permission to access the Online data review tool?
By default, only administrators will have access. Administrators can grant access to other users who need it.


We developed this feature in response to your requests for more control over duplicate creation with online gift processing. Thank you for sharing your ideas in the Raiser’s Edge NXT idea bank. We hope that you find value in this new feature and experience improved data quality.

To check out Online data review watch this demonstration. You can also watch the OnDemand recording of the Raiser’s Edge NXT Product Update Briefing.
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