Guiding You To Your Next Academic Destination 7221

Guiding You To Your Next Academic Destination


We've got guides! In our effort to continue to make your academic life easier, we're showing off four brand new guides for our Group Leaders out there. Come have a look!

To say that this year has been different would be an understatement. It’s a bit strange to think that we’re now approaching the end of 2020 and we’ve been in this quarantined state for more than half a year at this point.

While the adjustment impacted everyone differently when all this started earlier in the year, schools and educators had to quickly scramble to alter the familiar schedules of in-person school five days a week and change it to fit a remote only schedule. To help support those herculean efforts, we here in Blackbaud’s Strategic Content & Development team for Education management have also quickly shifted gears to product content suited to this new way of life.

In addition to videos, teacher-specific content, and other best practice documentation, we’ve put an emphasis on guides as well. To go along with our content such as creating an online classroom, we’ve recently added four additional guides for Academic Group Leaders.

Each of the following guide covers topics on how each role can build an engaging online community, manage it, and more even when meeting in person isn’t possible. Here’s a bit more information on each one. Select the link to be taken directly to the guide itself.
  • Coach’s Guide to Online Teams – This guide is specifically targeting coaches looking to create and manage an online team. Learn about working on the Team Page, updating a scoreboard, statistics, managing team rosters, creating a schedule, and much more.
  • Advisor’s Guide to Online Advisories – Creating a dynamic online Advisory can help keep advisees focused and on task even when meeting in person is impossible. This guide goes over topics like the Bulletin Board, Topic content, and maintaining an active roster.
  • Activity Leader’s Guide to Online Activity Groups – Designed for online activity groups such as school clubs, student organizations, and more. Activity Leaders can use the tools provided to better create and manage all sorts of topics like Bulletin Boards, Topics, and the activity roster.
  • Community Group Leader’s Guide to Online Community Groups – The final guide is aimed at Community Group Leaders and effectively developing and maintaining an online group for things like a school’s Board of Directors, volunteers, and more. Like the other groups, this guide covers three important subjects: Bulletin Boards, Topics, and Rosters.
We hope these guides provide a bit of clarity and comfort in these challenging times. We’ll have more guides on the way soon, covering even more important topics for roles of all kinds within the Education management products. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading everyone and an early Happy Halloween to you all. Make sure to subscribe to the community if you haven’t yet done so as next week we’ll be recapping the entire month of October. Don’t miss it!

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