Introducing The Back To School Webinar Series! 7803

Introducing The Back To School Webinar Series!


Blackbaud is offering a series of webinars discussing tasks that are commonly related to kicking off the school year. Here’s more information on each series as well as how to check them out.

In case you missed it, earlier this week we announced a brand-new webinar series kicking off next Tuesday. This series mainly covers topics and tasks that are commonly associated with preparing for a new school year. This includes subject matter like working with schedules, grading assignments, best practices, and much more.

There’s a lot of content here, covering a variety of subjects which start next week and run through August. They're all completely free to attend and better yet, if you register and realize you can’t make it for whatever reason, we’ll send you a link to the record to watch on demand.

Here’s more information on each webinar including when it takes place and a link for those who want to register. We hope to see you there!

Back to School Series - Scheduling and How to Troubleshoot Problems
Generating both Master Schedules and Student Schedules is a huge part of your back-to-school processes each and every semester. This helps set the year into motion and get your class schedules set and your students into those classes. Join us for this session that will help you get your schedules ready and learn from experts that will help you avoid some of the pitfalls that can come up in this process!

July 27 at 11am ET
July 29 at 2pm ET

Back-to-School Series - Grading Assignments in the Learning Management System
Blackbaud's Education Management Portfolio for K-12 is a-buzz with back-to-school plans. In the Learning Management System, Gradebook is getting some new features added. Gradebook is a vital tool for teachers at schools and it's going to be very important for them to be ready for these upgrades and new features so they can hit the ground running when school starts up again.

August 11 at 2pm ET
August 12 at 11am ET

Report Checks and Balances for Billing in Tuition Management
At the start of each new school year, the volume of billing adjustments increases drastically. Knowing which reports are available within Tuition Management that can assist with auditing and confirming that adjustments have been made correctly will avoid potential issue later on.

August 25 at 2pm ET

New School Year Best Practices for Tuition Management Settings
We will take a look at some basic school and family settings that should be reviewed at the start of each new school year to help ensure a good experience for both the school and your families. Join us for this session to help get you in proper shape for your new year!

August 31 at 2pm ET

In case you missed it, last month we featured an EMS specific webinar that did a deep dive into many of the latest features coming to this product. If you missed it, click the link below to watch!

The Cool New Enrollment Management Features of 2021 - a Deep Dive!
Join Product Manager Sarah Bienvenue as we take a look at all the new stuff that has been added to Enrollment Management this year along with some tips and tricks on how these new features can make your upcoming admission season a hit!

Watch Recording of the Session

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Just FYI - the description for the Grading Assignments is a duplicate of the Scheduling description

Well, that's no good! Good eye, Susan! The post has been updated with the official description.

In case you guys were wondering, these are completely free to attend. All we require is that you first register for the course, but yes, you don't need to pay anything.

I've updated the blog with this information as well.