Reports Aren’t Important – Am I Right? 7412

Reports Aren’t Important – Am I Right?

I’ve used a few different accounting systems in my days as the treasurer of a local animal rescue. I’ve found that entering the data hasn’t given me any problems—but when I try to analyze that data, it just doesn’t seem very intuitive how to get a basic income statement or balance sheet out! Because…reports aren’t that big a deal in accounting, right?

What I probably need is a way to learn the components of reporting and everything will fall into place. And believe it or not, Blackbaud University has designed two new 90-minute courses that will give you the basic steps to building financial statements within Financial Edge NXT.

Financial Edge NXT: Building Chart Organizers offers hands-on experience customizing one of the key components of financial statements in Financial Edge NXT. The chart template offers maximum flexibility so you can offer audience-specific reports. Have you ever had your department heads ask to see their reports differently than your CFO or your board of directors? Chart organizers allow you to template the grouping of accounts specific to your audience’s requests.

Financial Edge NXT: Financial Statement Essentials takes what you’ve learned about chart organizers and applies it to basic financial statements such as the balance sheet and income statement. Financial Edge NXT is so robust that you can design your analytical reports in many ways. This class will give you an opportunity to learn the very basic parts of a balance sheet and income statement parameter.

With these two classes under your belt, you will be poised to dive deeper into that topic I’m sure no one is interested in…reports. #AmIright?

These courses are included in your Blackbaud University Learn More training subscription. Not a subscriber? Chat with us now to find out how you can be!
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Thanks for this very useful article, Mary,   Looking forward to signup for these two new training courses.
Thanks David! I hope you like them! Let me know your thoughts!!