ResearchPoint™ 5.27 Release: What You Need To Know Before Using The Raiser’s Edge®-ResearchPoint™ Integration 8735

ResearchPoint™ 5.27 Release: What You Need To Know Before Using The Raiser’s Edge®-ResearchPoint™ Integration


There was an update to Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge®-ResearchPoint™ integration that may affect how and when you sync your data to RE. Please read this blog post if you use the integration to sync wealth data and/or model scores to RE to learn about the actions you may need to take before syncing any records after October 28, 2022.

Blackbaud made an update to the Raiser’s Edge®-ResearchPoint™ integration in the Q4 2022 release on October 28, 2022, that may affect when and how you want to sync your wealth data and/or model scores and ratings from ResearchPoint to Raiser’s Edge (RE) or Raiser’s Edge NXT (RE NXT).

This is the first release toward providing improved Ratings configuration in RE including appropriate data types and naming conventions that will ensure more seamless reporting and exporting of Ratings in RE web and database views. The next release is tentatively scheduled for early 2023.

We recommend not syncing select ResearchPoint fields to Raiser’s Edge Ratings tile/tab until after the next update to the integration in the new year. To reduce your workload and limit accidental consequences from this update, Blackbaud removed the affected model scores/ratings and fields from your integration field configuration. This will ensure that most of you will not have to re-sync your entire database twice in less than one year’s time. Continue to read below for more details on how these changes may affect your organization.

This update will affect all Raiser’s Edge and Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT databases integrated with ResearchPoint, especially those with ProspectPoint predictive models (e.g. Major Giving Likelihood) and Grateful Patient Solution scores. For the purposes of this post, I will refer to both the RE 7 and RE NXT versions as Raiser’s Edge (RE).

If this is your first-time syncing model scores and ratings from ResearchPoint to RE, we recommend syncing all your records including your wealth data and ratings so you can start using your analytics as soon as possible in RE. You may need to make adjustments to the defaults set in the integration field configuration settings.

If you already synced your Blackbaud ratings this year, Blackbaud removed select model scores and ratings from your integration field configuration. That way you benefit from all the updates to the ratings configurations in 2023 while only syncing your entire database once. All other ratings and wealth data will continue to sync to RE constituent records.

If you synced any records between October 28th and November 11th, you may need to take additional action to clean up your ratings in RE.

See the “What Do I Need to Do” section below for more details on your next steps.

Model scores and ratings created in ResearchPoint will now have the same data types in Raiser’s Edge. This means that ratings with numbers will be number ratings in Raiser’s Edge. The same goes for currency and yes/no ratings. Text and table type ratings will continue to sync as text ratings. For example, the Major Giving Likelihood - WP rating will now be a number rather than a text data type. See the table below for the full list of data type revisions:
Rating Category Previous New
WealthPoint Data
Research Status Confirmed?
Text Yes/No
ProspectPoint Predictive Models
Annual Giving Likelihood - WP
Annuity Likelihood - WP
Bequest Likelihood - WP
CRT Likelihood - WP
Major Giving Likelihood - WP
Mid Level Gift Likelihood - WP
Patient Response Likelihood - WP
Planned Giving Likelihood - WP
Sustainer Likelihood - WP
Text Number
Grateful Patient Solution
Affluence Income
Giving Capacity
Household income estimate
Net Worth
Text Currency
Grateful Patient Solution
Philanthropic Insights
Text Number
Grateful Patient Solution
Private Company Ownership
Who's Who
Text Yes/No

When you include one of these fields in your integration field configuration and sync at least one record from ResearchPoint to RE, a new rating will be added to the Ratings table in Configuration with the new, corrected data type with the same, standard naming conventions (e.g. Major Giving Likelihood - WP). For any of these ratings previously synced onto constituent records, the Rating Category will change to include “- Old” (e.g. Major Giving Likelihood - WP - Old). When you sync all your records, the “Old” ratings will be updated back to the standard name (e.g. Major Giving Likelihood - WP) and you should not have any “Old” ratings remaining on your constituent records.

These Ratings data type updates will provide a better user experience when including ratings in Query criteria or web view List filters. Once you sync all your records, you may need to update the criteria in your queries from the “Old” rating back to the standard name, for example from “Major Giving Likelihood - WP - Old” to “Major Giving Likelihood - WP.”

By popular demand, updated naming conventions for improving how you export ratings is coming soon! This is one of the primary reasons we recommend waiting to sync all your data until after the next iteration of the integration goes live.

This update to the Raiser’s Edge-ResearchPoint integration was launched as part of the ResearchPoint quarterly update on October 28, 2022. You will not see these changes in your RE database until you adjust the integration settings then sync at least one record from ResearchPoint.

With the planned updates in early 2023 to the integration that will improve naming conventions to streamline exporting ratings, most organization will want to wait to implement these changes until next year.

For organizations who recently synced at least one record between October 28th and November 11th
, you may need to complete some additional ratings clean up. Use this Knowledgebase article for the steps for each of the following scenarios:
1. If you only synced a couple of records, we recommend adjusting the affected ratings manually on the RE constituent records.
2. If your organization has too many records to fix manually, you will want to adjust the integration field configuration settings and sync all your records again.

For organizations who previously synced model scores and ratings from ResearchPoint, the ProspectPoint predictive models were turned off from your integration’s field configuration settings. We recommend waiting to sync your models again until after the next integration release which will include the naming conventions so you only have to sync all your records once.

For organizations syncing ratings from ResearchPoint to RE for the first time, you may need to adjust the integration field configuration settings to include your ProspectPoint predictive models before you sync all your records.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to Support. If you need assistance with your integration, you may also want to check out the Raiser's Edge®-ResearchPoint® Integration Tips blog series for more on configuring the integration and using the integration.

We will keep you posted as the Raiser’s Edge-ResearchPoint integration evolves to the next level with the updated naming conventions for improved exporting in early 2023!

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