Upcoming eTapestry Ecommerce Enhancement: DIY and Custom Ecommerce Pages

Earlier this year we released the Blackbaud Payment Services "Checkout" feature for our eCart customers. In our upcoming release, scheduled for August, eTapestry will expand that to include eTapestry DIY Pages or Custom Ecommerce Pages.
Blackbaud Checkout provides an even greater level of security around payment processing for your donors.  Once the donor fills out all the options on the page, a secure prompt will appear where donors will enter their payment details. A confirmation message appears letting them know if their donation was successful.  
Here are screenshots of what your donors will see after they click to complete their transaction.
You may be asking yourself right now, why the change?  We are implementing the Blackbaud Checkout for a couple of reasons.  First, anytime we can increase the security to our customers and donors, we will do that.  Second, new international regulations require Strong Customer Authentication(SCA), which is included via Blackbaud Checkout.  So, this is a win-win for your donors and our customers to know that eTapestry continues to provide a secure experience for making online purchases.  
Do you need to take any action?  Yes, after the release, in order to take advantage of this change, you will need to take one of the below actions.
For DIY Pages:  For any ‘transactional” DIY page, you must go into the eTapestry DIY area and republish the page in order to have Blackbaud Checkout activated.
Once in the DIY area, select a page and choose the “Edit” button on the right-hand side. 


Once you are in the online editor, you can click the “Go Live” button on the right-hand side.  You do not need to make any changes to the page.

Once you have republished the page, Blackbaud Checkout will be enabled, and you have finished (NOTE: this must be done for any existing transactional page you wish to use Blackbaud Checkout).  New pages that are created will automatically have Blackbaud Checkout activated.
For Custom Ecommerce Pages:  If you are based in the European Union and would like your page updated, please submit an edit request using this link https://app.etapestry.com/hosted/eTapestry/ecommerce/Edit/EditOrder.php  to add Blackbaud Checkout. If you have additional questions, please contact your Account Executive directly or email sales@etapestry.com.  For non-European Union customers, we will let you know when it is available for you to request.
If I don’t do this, will my pages still work?  Yes, they will still work, but this is something you will want to do in order to make sure your donors have the most secure experience they can while donating to your organization.  Remember, any new page or any time you republish a page, it will automatically have the new Blackbaud Checkout ability so why wait!
This new secure checkout is for customers who are Blackbaud Payment Services customers with the exception of those using IATS or Sage Payment Solutions.  If you use one of those processors, but would like to take advantage of Blackbaud Checkout, let us know and we can help explain your options.

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions and thanks again for being a Blackbaud eTapestry customer!
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I am in the process of creating several new DIY pages, and discovered today the test credit card numbers in this article no longer apply.  https://www.kb.blackbaud.com/articles/Article/102912  According to Support, the only way to test a transaction now is with a real credit card, which then makes more work on my end to reverse the transaction in eTapestry and issue a refund through BBMS. Not to mention, I am concerned about the transactions being flagged on my personal credit card - repeated transactions for small amounts?  My testing needs surround the flow of information from my DIY form into eTap and my customized thank you letter - not testing the credit card processing. I hope an enhancement coming soon will allow this kind of early testing/previewing without using a real credit card.
Bob Kayne Bob Kayne Aug '19
Thanks for the response. Now that it is live, we're running into an issue with embed DIY forms. When the donor clickes Submit, they don't see the payment method overlay box, so it looks like just an error of the same page with a black overlay. If the form isn't embedded, it kicks the user to the payment method box. Where is it best to report this issue as it is surely going to create all sorts of abandoned transactions?
Hi Anna and Bob! We hear you. There are some changes coming from the payment industry that may help by combining these wallets into a single button. Until then, we are reviewing our UI to see if there are changes we could make that would make sense to build in the interim. Our data does suggest that a small minority of users select these wallet buttons on accident and that most of them do return to the correct Credit Card entry afterwards. We assume that they do this because our payment forms were the first time that user had seen these wallets (meaning they never saw them when they were shopping online elsewhere). This means the confusion will taper off once they explore the wallets and better understand that they are not for "traditional" credit card payments.
Bob Kayne Bob Kayne Aug '19
It would be great to address this issue above to reduce confusion. Even a simple: We've updated our checkout process. Choose Credit Card to pay by credit card, ACH to pay by... If you use a wallet, you can choose that option.
Our customers have had a hard time using this new system in the estore ecommerce checkout, and at this point we are not looking forward to the update for DIY pages.  Our customers continue to select the VisaCheckout or MasterPass thinking that is what they need to select in order to pay by Visa or Mastercard credit cards.  This has resulted in an increase in calls for help for our staff to explain the changes and to walk them through the process.  Is there a way to remove the VisaCheckout or MasterPass options?  Our customers don't want this and have been very confused.
Our release is scheduled for mid-August. You will want to wait until after the release, which will be announced on our login page, to republish your DIY pages.  Thanks!
When will this be released? And when should I republish my DIY pages? Thanks...