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How Blackbaud eTapestry® Can Help You Navigate COVID-19

COVID-19 is affecting every aspect of our daily lives. The nonprofit community must also quickly adapt to the new realities.  Blackbaud is here to help you.

Undoubtedly, your fundraising and communication strategies are shifting. So here are areas for your organization to review to make sure you are speaking to your supporters effectively during these uncertain times.

  • As parts of the world are limiting gatherings and closing some businesses for a period of time, consider what other options you have.
  • If people can no longer come to your event due to restrictions, then bring the event to them! Combining the powers of online fundraising, social media, and email marketing, you have the ability to still fundraise without having in-person events and gatherings.
  • Thinking outside the box is what we have to do during these unconventional times, so brainstorm ideas of how your online tools inside Blackbaud eTapestry can help you still fundraise even if events or other various planned gatherings are not an option for the time being.
Online Donations:
  • This is an opportunity to kick your online donations into overdrive. If you have not yet created an online donation form, we strongly recommend doing so. This resource here can assist you through this process.
  • We also provide a wonderful Basics of Do-It-Yourself Forms training session from Blackbaud University that you can view as part of your Blackbaud eTapestry license. Take a look at this video if you are new to using this function inside your database.
  • Create a form that might be specific in assisting you with operation costs that will still be present even if you are working from your home environment.
  • Make sure any online form that might be set up for event registration has been disabled or updated with new dates for the event or with news about any cancellations.
Email Marketing with Online Appeals:
  • This is the time to make sure you are using all your tools in the toolbox.  If you have not yet prepared any email communications, be sure to check out this on-demand session for Email Marketing 101.
  • As recommended, be sure to utilize direct and concise requests to make sure your donors know what you are asking of them during this uncertain time. This article provides ideas and suggestions on how to communicate with your constituents in uncommon times.
Social Media:
  • Have you set up a social media page or updated your accounts recently? If not, this would be a great time to not only make sure you are staying connected to your constituents, but also begin using these options and adding links to your website to find your social media pages.
  • Review all scheduled social media posts to make sure they are appropriate as COVID-19 continues to spread.
  • Review your social media plans. Have you updated your constituents about any postponed or canceled events? Do others have access to your social media accounts if there is an illness with a member of your organization?
  • Have you purchased social media ads? If so, review the content of the ads and make appropriate changes if it refers to events or activities that may need to be postponed.
  • Blackbaud eTapestry is an online program. As long as you have internet services and either the Firefox or Google Chrome browsers on your computer, you will have full access to your solution at any time, day or night.
  • If you usually do not work from home, there are several online pages that offer tips on how you can make the most of your home office environment that might be extremely useful for the next several weeks.
  • The Blackbaud Customer Success team is here to help with content and suggestions. Email if you have questions or suggestions about what we might be able to do to help navigate these times. We want to hear from you!
  • Plese refer to this Event and Fundraising Resources page set up by Blackbaud to help with suggestions and various additional resources to assist you. Even if the content is not specifically geared to the Blackbaud eTapestry solution, there may still be some valuable takeaways for your organization.
  • Our Services Team is open to assist with various services to help keep your organization running. To find out more about what services are available to you, please visit here.
This is a very unusual time. Blackbaud is committed to help you and your organization in any way we can. If there is anything we can assist with, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Success. Be safe. Be well. Thank you for being part of the social good community.
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