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Five Ways To Use Blackbaud MobilePay


Blackbaud MobilePay™ gives you a new way to process gifts and registration payments using a mobile phone or tablet—anywhere you have a cellular or wi-fi Internet connection. Payments flow directly into Blackbaud Luminate and Blackbaud TeamRaiser, eliminating extra paperwork and back-office data entry.

Let's look at some of the opportunities for greater ease and efficiency you can gain by using the Blackbaud MobilePay integration with Luminate Online and TeamRaiser:

  • Day of Event Registrations & Re-registrations
    Take registrations in person and instantly add new participants and their donations to your online event.
  • In Person Personal & Team Page Donations
    Apply donations directly to TeamRaiser pages and watch the thermometer go up.
  • Street Canvassing
    Sign up new monthly recurring donors securely and efficiently anywhere you have cellular or wi-fi Internet access.
  • Mobilization events
    Take mobile donations on the spot.
  • In person fundraisers events like auctions / galas
    Collect one-time payments and initiate sustainer donations.

What’s the advantage over other mobile payment devices?

When you use Blackbaud MobilePay, your gifts get applied directly to donation and registration forms in Luminate Online and TeamRaiser. You’ll gain efficiencies over using a non-integrated payment processing solution and benefit from the following:  

  • TeamRaiser donations are applied directly to the personal or team page.
    You’ll see the thermometer go up right away. No more offline gift entry after event day.
  • TeamRaiser registrations get entered directly into the system, too.
    No need to manually add registrations later from paper forms to associate participants with the proper TeamRaiser event.
  • Payments are processed with Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS).
    All of your donations are in one place for purposes of accounting, reconciliation, and refunds.
  • Sustainer transactions are created in Luminate Online.
    Your supporters’ payment information is encrypted on swipe and monthly gifts will be processed automatically.

How do I get Blackbaud MobilePay for Luminate Online & TeamRaiser?

Blackbaud MobilePay is available at no incremental cost to Luminate Online and TeamRaiser customers in the United States and Canada who use Blackbaud Merchant Services. You'll need to download the latest version of the free Blackbaud MobilePay app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. You'll also need Blackbaud MobilePay card readers (the first two are provided at no charge) for use with supported Android and Apple devices. See the Help documentation below for complete requirements and how-to instructions.

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