Develop a coaching email plan that will help you across the goal line 6407

Develop a coaching email plan that will help you across the goal line

While the football die-hard and bandwagon fans alike are making sure they have their game day beverages and snacks in order, I imagine the coaches of the 49ers and the Chiefs are zeroing in on their strategic plays for game day Sunday this week.

It made me think about how intense coaching fundraisers to help us meet our goal by event day. Every event manager has a different approach. What about you?

As you approach your peer-to-peer fundraising event season, are you formalizing your plan to coach fundraisers to reach their goal? How soon do you begin developing your strategy? Months before registration opens? Or weeks leading up to the final push on event day?

Coaching begins the moment those participants complete registration, and it continues through the life of the event (if not beyond: think retaining those fundraisers). It’s important to ensure each participant has the tools, information, and inspiration they need to reach their fundraising goals, ultimately allowing your organization to achieve its mission.

TeamRaiser has a variety of tools to help strategically deploy a sound recruiting and fundraising coaching communication plan. In February, your Customer Success team will offer three sessions to guide you. New to the peer-to-peer world or TeamRaiser itself? Communication Part 1: Strategy and Best Practice is a perfect place for beginners or those who need a refresher. This first session will uncover high level strategies and demonstrate all the tools available in your Luminate Online/TeamRaiser solution to assure your fundraisers hear your call to action. For those who need a little more help, we'll have loads of resources to share, including recommendations for training from Blackbaud University.

For those focused on retention and growing participation overall, the next session, Communication Part 2: Basics of Recruiting & Coaching will dive a little deeper into email communication as it pertains to recruiting prospects as well as bringing back past participants. We’ll also discuss how to coach participants to meet specific milestones to reach their fundraising goal.

After digging into your data, have you found you need to target great fundraisers who participated two years ago, but didn’t return last year?  In Communication Part 3: Advanced Segmentation we’ll show you how to use the Task Manager to pull powerful lists to help you strengthen your overall recruiting and coaching game.

For each session, we'll point out winning resources that will help your strengthen your playbook for your event season. (Do I hear a winning touchdown?)

Register for the session that fits your needs here. We look forward to seeing you next month.

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