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Information Regarding Global Ransomware Attacks

On the morning of Friday, May 12, Blackbaud security became aware of a global cyber-attack that was spreading quickly.
The Blackbaud Security team implemented our CSIRT procedures and took four actions:
  1. Evaluate the threat
  2. Determine exposure
  3. Implement countermeasures
  4. Test and communicate
All systems are patched and not vulnerable to the attack. Additionally, Blackbaud’s layered defenses were complemented with the addition of a multitude of highly customized protections and automation to prevent such an attack from succeeding should a vulnerable system surface. The rapid response of the Blackbaud security teams, defense in depth, and good cyber hygiene sufficiently protected Blackbaud from becoming another victim of the rapidly spreading ransomware attack.  
Ransomware typically involves phishing. Blackbaud has several technical and administrative protections in place to defend against phishing attacks while the Security team consistently monitors the threat landscape for indications of malicious activity through public and private sources as well as intelligence sharing with industry peers.
Terence Runge
Vice President – Cyber Security
Blackbaud, Inc.
Posted by Holly Herbert on May 16, 2017 11:22 AM America/New_York