THE BUZZ: Lucky Numbers Edition 7085

THE BUZZ: Lucky Numbers Edition


In today's edition of The Buzz:

- A look at what's the number 34 means
- Hot topics in the Blackbaud Community
- Upcoming events for the next month
-And more!

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Good Morning Community!

You always hear people talkng about their "lucky numbers" in life, and well, this episode of The Buzz is no different.  My lucky number has always been number 34.  That was NFL superstar Walter Payton's number and I loved his style and character as a person.  When it came time for me to play sports in my youth, I always had to be number 34.  And throughout my life I've always associated the number 34 with great things.  

And you may be saying to yourself, "Wow, the number 34 is a pretty random thing to be talking about so extensively in The Buzz, isn't it?"

And normally, I would agree with you.  But today also happens to be... 34 Days until the start of Virtual bbcon 2020!!!

Here's the latest news about our all-virtual 2020 conference:




Can you answer some of these unanswered questions in the Community for other users?  I am personally offering up 34 Community points to every user who responds to one of these questions.

FE: Has anyone had any luck creating an income statement that displays the program code on some accounts but not on others?

K-12: What is your most useful take-away from the 2020 Virtual K12 User Conference?

Ed Management Higher Ed: How are you performing degree audits in the BBEMS system?

RENXT: Prospect Pipeline/Proposal Reporting

JUST FOR FUN: It's Internationa Dog Day! Share a pic of your pup!



Introducing A New ELearning Experience For Blackbaud Target Analytics

BLACKBAUD CRM & BBIS: BBIS Advanced Donation Form Checkout Workflow Improvement

K-12: The Month In Review - August 2020 Feature Releases

K-12: Blackbaud Connected Apps - Data Sync For Popsicle

RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE: August 27th "Exceptional Applicant Experiences Within Blackbaud Grantmaking" Webinar

Innovating With Blackbaud Grantmaking And The SKY User Experience -- Bi-weekly Update #3

LUMINATE ONLINE: Action Required: Update Facebook Fundraising Settings By Sept 15

Peer-To-Peer Fundraising (P2P): Five Favorite Fundraisers - The Gala

RAISER'S EDGE NXT (RENXT): Getting Started With Raiser’s Edge NXT Certified Connector For Microsoft Power Platform

Certified Microsoft Power Platform Connector Live In Blackbaud Marketplace

TARGET ANALYTICS: Preparing For The Long Run

HIGHER ED: The Month In Review - August 2020 Feature Releases



Jump Start your Online Giving: Supplement with P2P fundraising today (September 8)

Luminate Online Tips & Timesavers:Autoresponders: Don't Set It And Forget It (September 9)

Blackbaud Foundation Solutions Session via Exponent Philanthropy (September 9)

Financial Edge NXT : Finding What You Need with Lists and Filters in FE NXT (September 10)

Raise More with Blackbaud TeamRaiser Integration with Facebook (September 15)

CUSTOMERS-ONLY ONLINE EVENT: Maximizing Your Blackbaud Grantmaking with Professional Services (September 15)

P2P Engagement 101 with eTapestry and Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, powered by JustGiving (September 16)

TeamRaiser® Community Call (September 17)

Keys to Success Relocating from everyday hero to Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, powered by JustGiving (September 17)

Throw Back Thursday: Financial Edge and BBID: Getting Connected to your Solution (September 17)

Throw Back Thursday: Financial Edge and BBID: Getting Connected to your Solution (September 17)

Raiser's Edge: Professional - Accelerator Pack (September 22)

eTapestry: Fundamentals and Analysis - Accelerator Pack (September 22)

Jump Start your Online Giving: Supplement with P2P fundraising (September 22)

Financial Edge NXT: Check all your Boxes with Checks and Payments in FE NXT (September 24)


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Oh my goodness only 34 more days - how exciting!
I am a hockey fan and always considered the number 11, double hockey sticks, to be my favorite number. 

Ray Bergman‍, Walter Payton was an iconic football player. I am so blessed to know his son Jarrett. You should come my way sometime and I would love to introduce you to him! He is so philanthropic and keeps his dads spirit alive. And yes, this picture was taken at our local bar, where we and he frequents. 

Yeah, 34 days and counting to bbcon!!
Karen Tuecke‍ - That is awesome!!!!!  Jarrett was no slouch as a football player himself.  I admire that entire family for their strength and fearlessness - exactly like Walter Payton was.  I remember watching a bowl game with Jarrett in it - I want to say the Orange Bowl, and was so impressed with his performance, but moreso with his interview after the game.  I think you're in the Midwest, correct?  Next time I'm out that way, I'll make a pilgrimage. :)
Ray Bergman‍ Yes, I live in Dubuque, Iowa but am on the border of Wisconsin. Jarrett has a home, and some very good friends, in the neighboring town of Dickeyville, Wisconsin, where my husband is also a part owner in a local company. Please do look me up if you are out this way.