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Innovating With Blackbaud Grantmaking And The SKY User Experience -- Bi-weekly Update #3

For this week’s update, we are going to dive into how Blackbaud Grantmaking’s new SKY view enables you to do good, while on the go.  

Blackbaud Grantmaking is helping organizations all over the world achieve their grantmaking goals by delivering capabilities that allow customers to measure their impact, improve collaboration, and streamline workflows.   
We’re delivering on our promise to enhance the power of Blackbaud Grantmaking by moving to a new streamlined view.  

For this week’s update, we are going to dive into how Blackbaud Grantmaking’s new view enables you to do good, while on the go.  

Life during these unprecidented times is upredictable and requires flexability. With Blackbaud Grantmaking your data is acceible at your fingertips. The new view of Blackbaud Grantmaking is mobile friendly, which means you don’t need an app. Below is a screenshot of what one of the fully customizable opening dashboard pages could look like on a smart phone. 


Because Blackbaud Grantmaking is fully mobile this means the features you know and love are always available. Two of my favorite features are the new drag and drop view and the fully customizable charts.  

The drag and drop view lets you reorganize your table view right from the dashboard. The drag and drop feature saves you clicks and saves you time. My next favorite feature is the fully customizable, easy view charts. Getting the data you need when you need it is key to getting funds out the door to those in need.  


Beyond just the dashboard opening screen, the workspace and the detail page autosize to fit your device and they too have the same functionality as the desktop view. For example the drill down into the detail page lets you keep moving  through your workflow to get the job done.   


We are all in this together and here at Blackbaud we are pleased to bring you the new view of Blackbaud Grantmaking! 
For more information about the new view of Blackbaud Grantmaking please visit us at: 

Posted by David Hazeltine on Aug 28, 2020 10:38 AM America/New_York

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