Today Is Earth Day! What Are Your Eco-friendly Routines? 8332

Today Is Earth Day! What Are Your Eco-friendly Routines?


Blackbaud shares how we're going green for Earth Day and every day. Learn more.

Today, April 22, Blackbaud is excited to join millions around the world in celebrating Earth Day and raising awareness about the inherent need to protect Earth’s natural resources.

At Blackbaud, we are devoted to powering an Ecosystem of Good® that builds a better, more sustainable world. We recently announced that we achieved carbon neutrality across our operations and data centers for 2021—an exciting step in our sustainability journey. We are committed to continuing to support the environmental protection of our planet in several ways, including: This year our employees are finding ways to sustain the Earth by participating in a number of activities including viewing a special screening series on climate control, engaging in eco-friendly activities throughout the day like working in their gardens, going for walks, and enjoying nature, and we will be sharing several sustainability resources that employees can include in their daily routines.

Try this!
We shared this helpful Earth Day resource with our employees to discover more ways we can all support our environment, and we want to share it with you too! Try taking a short Earth Day quiz and choose what you want to learn more about—from climate change to regenerative agriculture to whale conservation to sustainable fashion and more! Comment below to let us know what you learned from your Earth Day quiz or share some ways you are going green to support our planet.
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I would love our Organization to go Paperless! I push often and feel we've made some great strides towards this!!

I took the Invest in Your Planet quiz. Important takeaway - Everyone is accounted and Everyone is Accountable. I learned about circular economy from Amsterdam on reimagining the way we use resources so they don't end up in landfills.

Hi @Barbara Kunkel, thanks for sharing! These quizzes are great. Glad you also found them informative and helpful.

I took the sustainable fashion quiz. I learned that clothes are worn on average 7-10 times. This will keep me motivated to donate any clothes I don't wear and trying to buy mostly already used clothes. One of my favorite online vintage stores

Love this @Elizabeth Perron. Thanks for sharing and dropping the link in the chat.

Jim Lozano Jim Lozano Apr '22

I walk my dog Stanley a couple times a day. I kept noticing garbage all around the neighborhood. This was sad and frustrating to me, so now I pick up the garbage and recycle whatever I can. I live close to the beach so some of the garbage goes into the sewers, which drain into the ocean. This routine we have is great because it keeps both the neighborhood and ocean cleaner. Happy Earth Day everyone!

@Jim Lozano it's great to read how much initiative you've taken for keeping your local area clean and safe from trash and debris. Every little bit helps, but in your case, you're doing way more than a little! THANK YOU!

I've been environmentally conscious since my teens. Growing up in Colorado, it was important to be conscientious about the environment for many reasons, so I've always had good habits for conserving energy & water consumption. Thankfully those habits have stuck with me my entire life.

My organization is certified green, and my department in particular has made huge strides to become as paperless as possible. Electronic communications, and finding alternative ways to store items we used to have on paper & in notebooks. Adobe Acrobat is a great tool for getting things organized in greener way.

Hi @Sharon Sandberg reading about your long-time commitment to day-to-day sustainability is really impressive! Glad to read that your company is green-conscious as well. Keep up the good and meaningful work…it's making a world of difference, literally!