Save The Date For Bbcon 2022 Virtual + Fall Blackbaud Product Update Briefings! 8334

Save The Date For Bbcon 2022 Virtual + Fall Blackbaud Product Update Briefings!


New dates for bbcon 2022 Virtual have just been released! Keep reading to learn more about registration, call for experts, and information for sponsors.

Hi Blackbaud Community,

Save the date, October 17–18, 2022 for bbcon 2022 Virtual! This year’s conference will be global and virtual again, and the core bbcon pass will continue to be free so all social good professionals can benefit from the fantastic sessions.

Plus, you can look forward to two days of Blackbaud Product Update Briefings (PUBs), October 19–20. Registration for bbcon 2022 Virtual and PUBs will open in early summer.

Call for Experts—coming soon! We are looking for speakers who want to build their professional brand and share their expertise this year. Social good leaders interested in participating in speaking opportunities across Blackbaud’s events and marketing initiatives, like bbcon, webinars, and our sgENGAGE Podcast will be able to share their stories in a single submission form. Start thinking about your ideas and stay tuned to for more details.

Sponsors—If you are interested in becoming a bbcon 2022 Virtual sponsor, please email to be added to our distribution list. More information on standard packages will be coming soon. If you have specific goals and budget parameters, be sure to provide those details in your email.

We are in full swing of designing a virtual tech conference packed with two days of great inspirational and best practices content for the entire social good community! Want to be the first to hear about the latest bbcon announcements and updates? Sign up for our bbcon mailing list here.
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Last years Virtual BBCON was great, looking forward to this year although in person would be fantastic!

I really appreciate the virtual bbcons - they are far more accessible and better fit around home commitments with the added bonus of if you miss something one of the speakers says or don't quite understand first time round, you can go back and listen again! I don't think I would have ever had the opportunity to attend a USA bbcon otherwise and I've made some good connections with new friends from across the pond <3

I know it's tough for those who find virtual events difficult and perhaps a sort of bbcon/TEDx kind of local in-person mini-con would be a possible option? Nothing stopping us from organising a local non-profit meet-up! :D

Hi @Jerry Infausto and @Keith Wilson. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

While we miss seeing our customers and community in person, we are excited to bring the social good community another virtual, global gathering—for free! A virtual bbcon means we can deliver inspirational and accessible content to more social good professionals, around the world.

There are a few reasons why we chose to remain virtual this year. Those include being able to:

  • Enable more individual team members to attend without added registration costs
  • Give smaller organizations a chance to attend that previously were not able to due to travel requirements and associated costs
  • Provide recorded, on-demand conference content and sessions that you can access at a time and place that works best for you
  • Open networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities for professionals from all over the world, rather than limiting this to one location

Please know we are committed to serving our customers and connecting the Ecosystem of Good across organizations and geographies. We are thankful for all of our Blackbaud customers and bbcon attendees, and we are working hard to share another industry-leading event that leaves attendees feeling connected, equipped, and empowered!

Agreed and grateful for all of the above. I know my colleagues appreciate being able to access any panel they'd like on their time. Thanks for opening up the opportunity to all of us.

I too was really hoping for an in person, live BBcon. The virtual events are really hard to focus on when “the daily grind” of everyday tasks and duties are staring us down! Getting away from our desks and interacting with our peers can be refreshing, uplifting, and much more beneficial than trying to “multi-task” with one ear on the virtual audio, and our eyes on our projects, emails, and reports. Please bring back the live events!

As much as I love BBCON in-person conferences, I am excited to see it will be virtual again because our organization doesn't have the budget for traveling to conferences. I miss the interaction between attendees, but I made connections from last year's virtual conference.

I agree, Barbara (and why you don't appear in my Barbara tagging options does baffle me!) We have the budget to attend one conference, and there is one that is specifically focused on issues facing our organization, so that is the priority. I appreciate that Blackbaud makes this available at no cost, because other conferences that went virtual charged nearly as much as in-person fee, so even though there weren't travel costs associated, it was still hard to justify that amount for an online experience that did not come wiht the same networking opportunities.

Virtual BBCON

Hello all,

I have attended two BBCONs live, Florida and Nashville and have attended two virtual. There is no comparison. Live is far superior. I have little to no desire to attend the virtual. The information is sometimes relevant, but it is the interaction with our peers that makes the experience so much more interesting and informative. I certainly hope that this is not where Blackbaud is going for the future; indefinite virtual BBCON. If it is I, for one, will certainly be disappointed. Feel free to share this post with those who make these decisions.