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Exciting Updates For Select JustGiving Users


JustGiving offers two payment processors to meet the needs of today’s nonprofit. With Blackbaud Merchant Services™, organizations can use the same payment processor across all products, making reconciliation a breeze. Through the Blackbaud Giving Fund on JustGiving, we continuously optimize the donation experience, helping you to convert more donors. In today's post, we look at recent updates for those who are utilizing the Blackbaud Giving Fund on JustGiving.

Online giving is on the rise. Today’s nonprofit is often looking to balance the needs of the donor with the business requirements of the finance team. JustGiving is here to help! For those of you who utilize JustGiving’s default payment processor, you recently benefited from:

We are not stopping there. For organizations who currently run donations through our default processor and receive disbursements from the Blackbaud Giving Fund, you can look forward to:

  • Increased payment options for your donor’s preferences

  • Ongoing optimizations to increase conversions

  • Improved admin experiences when using Giving Checkout

Join our upcoming Product Update Briefing to hear more about these exciting updates. Current users will not have to take any action to benefit from these optimizations, unless you are configured to use Blackbaud Merchant Services and wish to switch. Keep reading for commonly asked questions.

What is the default payment processor and the Blackbaud Giving Fund and who can use it?

Because JustGiving pre-loads registered charities onto the platform, which allows individuals to discover and fundraise on your behalf, we have a “default” system in place to automatically process and disburse donations through the Blackbaud Giving Fund. Organizations in the UK, Ireland and the United States are eligible. The Blackbaud Giving Fund disburses funds (once a minimum of $100 is met) weekly via ACH deposits.

In this configuration, when individuals give using JustGiving from Blackbaud, they are donating to The Blackbaud Giving Fund with an accompanying advisement that The Blackbaud Giving Fund makes a corresponding grant to the charity designated in the amount of the donation.

Nonprofits in the United States can choose to set up Blackbaud Merchant Services™ instead of the default payment processor and donor advised fund. Charities in Canada exclusively process donations via Blackbaud Merchant Services. Blackbaud Merchant Services disburses funds up to daily, based on your configuration.

In this configuration, when individuals donate using JustGiving from Blackbaud, they are donating to the registered charity directly with a donation receipt issued by the organization.

How does the default payment processor provide an optimized donor experience?

We have a team completely dedicated to financial technology, making sure your donations process safely and successfully. Specifically, we work on areas to help you:

  • Decrease donor abandonment

  • Increase average donation amount

  • Improve recurring donation conversion

  • Decrease the number of payments rejected by banks

We're constantly improving your checkout form to make giving easier for your supporters, offering you the best templated experience. Learn more about these advantages in our upcoming Product Update Briefing.

What payment options are available for donors when I use the Blackbaud Giving Fund?

Whether they are donating directly to your organization or via their friend's page, the following payment options appear (based on device): PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and debit or credit card. There are plans to continue to expand giving options.


How do donors use Venmo?

More than 83 million people use Venmo to manage their payments and now they can also use Venmo to donate to your organization with just a few clicks. You don't need a Venmo nonprofit account to accept or transfer funds.


Your JustGiving® Venmo donations will be collected, appear in your reports and be paid to your organization just like all other donations.

When will Venmo and other modern wallet options be available to Blackbaud Merchant Services customers on JustGiving?

There are no plans to add PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay or Google Pay to the BBMS checkout on JustGiving.

What do I do if I don’t see Giving Checkout?

Giving Checkout is a customizable donation form that allows charities to collect donations directly through JustGiving (instead of using a campaign page). It is available to JustGiving customers in the US, UK and Ireland. Log into JustGiving to set up your customized donation form.


Giving Checkout is not available in Canada.

For some of you utilizing Blackbaud Merchant Services™, Giving Checkout will not be visible. To take advantage of Giving Checkout, you can disconnect BBMS as the payment processor. Once you have disabled BBMS, you are ready to create your custom link through the Giving Checkout tab, using the default payment processor and disbursing via the Blackbaud Giving Fund.

Please note: The 0% fee structure applies only to donations made through the giving link; processing fees will still apply to donations received through Campaign and Fundraising pages.

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