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International HMRC Gateway URL Changes For Online Gift Aid Submissions

This blog is targeted for the most part to our International UK BBCRM customers who process online gift aid submissions with the HM Revenue & Customs.
As of 13th October 2017, HMRC changed to a new transaction service for handling online submissions of Gift Aid. You can make manual changes to Blackbaud CRM's web.config to start using the new endpoint. In February 2018, HMRC will decommission the old service which will require the new endpoint to be used.
Blackbaud CRM holds the HMRC Gateway URLs in the AppSettings section of the web.config file. Under this section, you can amend the URLs.

The following should be changed:
Key:     HMRCR68LiveGatewaySubmissionUri

Key:     HMRCR68TestGatewaySubmissionUri

The HMRC section of the web.config should look similar to the below:

Posted by Shaun Porteous on Jan 16, 2018 9:43 PM America/New_York