What's New In Raiser's Edge NXT The Week Of January 12 7381

What's New In Raiser's Edge NXT The Week Of January 12


This week, Raiser's Edge NXT announces two new gift types in web view. Also, email receipt functionality for individual gifts is now generally available for customers in the United States. 

Add gifts-in-kind and other gifts. You can now choose Gift-in-kind and Other when you add a single gift or a batch of gifts in the web view. Previously, you needed to add these types of gifts in the database view.
  • Gifts-in-kind are contributions of goods or services that have an estimated monetary value, such as auction items, furniture, computer equipment, or pro bono work by a lawyer or contractor. T

  • Other gifts are miscellaneous gifts that don't fall under another gift type.

To add a gift-in-kind or other gift, first choose whether to add the gift from the constituent's record, from Fundraising, or Home. Then, under Gift type, select Gift-in-kind or Other

For more information, see Gifts.

Email individual gift receipts and consolidated receipts to donors (now generally available in the US).  To save you time and to help your donors track their charitable giving, you can now email receipts for individual gifts or for a collection of gifts that fall within a selected date range. One time gifts, recurring gift payments, and pledge payments are all eligible for receipts.


From FundraisingGift receipting, you can view all gifts awaiting a receipt under Not receipted. To send receipts for them, select one or more from the list and select Email receipts. For more information, see Gift Receipting

  • Under Receipted, you can review the gifts that have already been receipted, and resend receipts if needed or requested by the donor.

  • Under Email tasks, you can review the email receipts that you've already sent out, and check for email failures. For more information, see Gift Receipting Email Tasks.

  • Under Receipt templates, you can view and create custom email templates to ensure that your gift receipts match your organization's tone and branding. For more information, see Receipt templates.


From FundraisingConsolidated receipting, you can send constituents a gift receipt for all the gifts they've donated within a selected date range. Select FilterGift period, and choose the dates you want to filter by, and then select Apply. To send the consolidated receipts, select one or more constituents, and select Email Receipts. For more information, see Consolidated Receipting.


Note: You can review any consolidated receipts that you've already sent to a constituent on their constituent record under Consolidated receipts.

Tip: Admins! To allow users to generate receipts, add them to a fundraising role with permission to manage receipts in Control panelSecurity. For more information, see Security.

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In January, I was able to email a gift receipt for in-kind gifts from RE NXT. Now, when I view an in-kind gift (entered either database or NXT - thank you for adding that option via NXT now), it does not have the “receipt gift" button available, nor does it show up in the list under Gift Receipting. The gift record itself still shows that it “needs receipting.” Did that change when In-Kind gifts were added as an option for NXT?

Hey Michelle, we haven't yet build support for in-kind gifts in terms of receipting/acknowledging. We'd want to update certain aspects of this feature for that gift type before enabling support. For example, we'd likely want to update the “Gift amount” field to display as “Gift value” on the receipt for that gift type. We'd likely also enable the Gift comments (aka Reference) field as a merge field option since that field is commonly used to describe what was actually given to your organization.

I can only guess that what you may have witnessed was a bug that may have temporarily allowed receipting of that gift type as it was never intended to work for those (yet). My apologies for any confusion that may have caused!

still very nervous about a full switch to NXT for gift processing - we're still working nicely in database view, though I know that is not going to last forever...
Will there be a time you can print  receipt?
Hi Wendy Zieglar - We don't currently have a timeframe for introducing this capability, but I'd encourage you to join future Product Update Webinars to learn from our product management team about upcoming features.
We have rolled back the receipting capabilities that were included in this week's release. For more information, please see the new blog post that provides additional detail: https://community.blackbaud.com/blogs/13/7386
Is there a way to filter the gift type for consolidated receipts?  Because we don't acknowledge recurring payments every month, I'd love to be able to send a year-end receipt just for those payments.
The "Consolidated receipts" area was built with the intent of providing a holistic giving summary to your donors for the time period specified, regardless of gift type, receipt status, or other varying properties of the gifts they may have given.

We have received some feedback that this feels more like a "Giving statement" than a "Consolidated receipt", and upon review, we generally agree! We do have future plans to update the name of the capability to reflect that to help reduce confusion moving forward.

I do understand what you're trying to achieve, and it does make sense to me. I wonder if the Annual giving statement (with other gifts and gift types included) will suffice for that use case? So the donor could receive individual gift receipts for their one-time gifts, not receive them for their Recurring gift payments, and receive an end-of-year giving statement that includes both?
Do we have an ETA on NXT receipting for Canada? Thanks!
There is currently no published ETA for introducing these receipting capabilities in other regions outside the US. Please stay tuned to future announcements about Product Update Webinars where details around new functionality and commitments will be discussed.
Can Gifts in Kind or Other be entered via the NXT gift batch, or online donation form?  The way this reads, I'm inclined to believe that it is only if you enter a gift directly on the constituent record.

Hi Karen, you can select these new gift types whether you add a single gift or a batch of gifts. They do not appear on online donation forms.

We'll update the announcement to make sure this is clear thanks for the feedback!