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Blackbaud Pro Tips #2 – Academics Resource Guides

Welcome back to an all new edition of Blackbaud Pro Tips, a series that aims to help you make the most of your time without a whole lot of effort. In case you missed it, the very first entry in this series took a look at a few handy shortcuts you can take to access your site faster from a mobile device as well as a few nifty browser tricks.

This week, we’re highlighting some of the guides we’ve created to make the course request and scheduling process a breeze. You can find these guides as well as any future ones from our main online help center under Tutorials or the relevant documentation topics.

For now, let’s take a quick peek on a couple guides we have available:

Course Requests
This comprehensive guide walks school through the process of setting up, requesting, and approving courses. To help simplify the undertaking, it utilizes images as well as offers step-by-step instructions from the perspectives of different users like managers, teachers, and students.

You can check it out directly here.

Automated Scheduler
Automated scheduler is one of our more robust tools in the K-12 Suite and it’s incredibly valuable when you consider that schedules need to be generated often on a yearly basis. Similar to the Course Request guide above, images and role based step-by-step instructions are there to guide you through the process of setting up and generating these schedules.

You’ll learn about topics like the Master Schedule, Student Schedule, how to review generated schedules, and even the best ways to structure it before generating. Learn more about the Automated scheduler here.

One thing to note is that these guides are more visual than our normal documentation, also using a number of features that our current hot fix and release letters utilize like table of contents on the left and an option to print for those that want it.

Enjoy these resources? Well, I don’t want to spoil too much, but we do have more coming later this year. Make sure to hit that Like button below to let us know what you think of these guides and don’t forget to leave a comment of what topic you’d love to see made into a guide in the future.

Thanks for reading everyone and we’ll see you right back here next week!
Posted by Derek Nichols on Apr 9, 2019 10:58 AM America/New_York

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