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We’re Here For You: Altru Support Hours And Afterhours Support

Hey Altru Community,
We’ve received several questions lately asking if we offer afterhours support, and the answer is we do!  I wanted to give you guys the low down, so you would know how Altru Support has your back!
Altru offers customer support for specific questions and problems via chat and phone, depending on your support level purchased, Monday through Friday 8:30am-8pm EST.  For all customers, regardless of if you purchased phone support, we offer afterhours phone support for down and critical issues after 8pm EST and on the weekends at no additional cost.
For more details on how to contact support, refer to our Knowledgebase solution How to Contact Altru Support.
So what is a down or critical problem exactly?  Some examples of items we would help you with afterhours include extreme slowness or unavailability of the system, being unable to process credit cards, web forms not working, unable to sell tickets to a program, Daily Sales button not working, or discounts not working.  For items that are not business critical such as how to report on a certain thing, how to run a mailing, what system roles to assign a user, etc, we ask that you wait to contact us during normal business hours.
We do offer a number of self-help support resources that you can utilize every day 24/7: 
Knowledgebase: Think of this as Blackbaud Google where you can search and find answers to questions, error messages, and problems you are encountering in your software.  The Altru Support team personally creates and updates Altru Knowledgebase articles, so this is knowledge straight from our Altru Support Experts.  To learn more about how we’re investing in Knowledgebase, read our blog update on Knowledgebase.
Videos: Visual learner?  These short 2-10 minute videos are a great resource to visually see a concept in action or just get a refresher on a short topic you learned about previously.
Help Guides: The official white papers for Altru.  If you’re looking to read everything about an area of Altru start to finish, this is your best resource.
Community: Your peer to peer resource.  Looking for industry best practices or just how another org uses a certain feature of Altru?  Use the Community to ask other Altru users.  You can also find past recorded webinar resources, such as Support Seminars and Masters Workshop Archives, on the Resources tab of the Community.
We work hard to support you in all that you do.  Now you know all the ways we’re here for you!
The Altru Support Team
Posted by Jessica Dunkerley on Nov 15, 2017 1:23 PM America/New_York

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